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7 Things You Should Not Do When Visiting A New Born

by Family Center

7 Things You Should Not Do When Visiting A New Born
It is a good news that your family or a friend just delivered a baby. What do you think you can do when visiting?
1. If you are sick, do not visit
Even if it is a simple cold it is best that you stay at home than risk the health of the child. In this case, opt for a phone call, a message on social networks and then, when you’re better, you can make a little visit.

2. Do not kiss the baby
Through kissing many microorganisms can be transmitted to the newborn and with that some diseases contaminate it. It may be difficult not to kiss him because the desire to cuddle and kiss a lot is great, but restrain himself for their health.

3. Do not use perfumes
The baby’s senses are still getting accustomed to the new stimuli and so any exaggeration should be avoided.

4. Do not carry children

Because it is a quick visit and needs to be quiet, the best thing to do is to avoid taking the children along, to preserve the well-being of the baby and the mother.

5. Do not insist on picking up the baby

If the dads do not offer you to hold the baby a little, do not ask. Again the common sense for this type of visit is paramount. And if they offer you, be sure to sanitize your hands well beforehand.

6. Do not go with dirty clothes
Before a visit to the newborn, it is vital that you keep your hygiene up to date and put on clean clothes to avoid transmitting any virus.

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7. Visit with gifts
Don’t just assume that you need to visit. Visit with something that the family will remember about you and cherish. Also, make sure that you visit with some extra goodies for others around if you can.

Make sure that your presence does not make the family so uncomfortable.

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