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7 Things that will change in your wife once she has a baby

by Abbey Lily
7 Things that will change in your wife once she has a baby

Welcoming a baby into the family is a great thing every married couple looks forward to and even their family members. Beside the joy of having a bundle of joy added to the family are the changes that come with it for the woman who is now a mother.

Here are some of the amazing changes your wife will experience

1. Her attention

This is about one of the first things that change in a woman, her attention will completely change. She is now naturally giving her full and undivided attention to the baby. Though she might not even know she is not giving you attention but there is an emotional pull now that draws her to the baby alone. It could be for just some few months but you need to understand the feeling as the husband who is trying to adjust too.


2. Her outlook

Though she was figure 8 when you married her after childbirth that figure will definitely disappear even if she will come back to it. She has gone through 9 months of pregnancy with loads of hormonal changes and now she is breastfeeding the baby, the look cannot be the same.

3. Her sex life

Some women at this stage especially if the baby is the first, they don’t usually want to think about sex at all. They see it as tiring after taking care of the baby. She might not want to have sex with you, that doesn’t mean she is satisfying herself somewhere else, it is just the change that comes with childbirth. Some see it as an extra work after probably staying awake all through the night caring for the baby


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4. Her time with you

She tends to spend less time with you. Really all your wife is thinking about now is how to have most of her time spent with her baby. She wants to bond with the newborn more than spending time with you.

5. Her breast

Due to the work of her lactating hormone which produces milk for the baby, she will have a bigger and fuller breast. Some women at this stage looks busty and it could affect their figure but not to worry, after weaning the baby she will be fine

6. Her emotion

She becomes emotionally drawn to the baby and could be critical about the way she views herself. She could look more in the mirror to see how she looks. You just need to encourage her.

7. She might like have postpartum depression

It has been seen that some women tend to get into an episode of depression after giving birth to their baby. It is not what they can explain themselves but stress and the reality of having this new bundle of joy could be overwhelming. As the husband, you need to be her support system all through the period

The good news is that with all these sudden changes, she will come around after some time and go back to that loving, caring and romantic wife you married.

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