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7 Things to give your Husband this Valentine

by Family Center

Bisi Adewale

7 Things to give your Husband this Valentine

There are many things you can give to your own husband to win his attention. And in this valentine season, it becomes even more expedient to give your husband the following things:

Gift to give this Valentine

  1. Give Yourself.

Give yourself as a gift to your husband. Despite your ‘tight schedule’, give him your care. Cherish him, nourish him and be his number one friend. Give him your ear, your heart and your love.

  1. Give Him Your Respect.

Respect and honour him more than any man on earth.

  1. Give Him Good Sex.

Give him a good performance in the bedroom; give yourself to him as a gift in the bedroom.

  1. Romance.

Be romantic; make him happy and play with him. Romance him, hug and kiss him, dance with him and celebrate him, be his little lover girl, his babe.

  1. Buy Things For Him.

Nothing is too small to give to your husband and nothing is too big. Buy him belts, shoes, socks, under wears, cloths, shirts, trousers, cap, wrist watch, handset and even vehicles. Give to him sacrificially, remember that lovers give.

  1. Special Meal.

Cook good meals for him; treat him like a king at your dining table. Spoil him a little, and let him call for more of your great meals.

  1. Faithfulness.

Give him your faithfulness as a gift; don’t wait for him to deserve it before you do this.


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