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7 Things Women Should Not tolerate In Marriage

by Family Center

7 Things Women Should Not tolerate In Marriage
The marriage is just over some few years ago, and it had all been rosy. But you never knew that he had been doing some things behind you and now, you notice that his manner of approach has changed towards you. What can you do about it? What should you not accept?

1. Never be talked down on

Submissiveness is different from outright outright demands of rights over another. The marriage is made up of two individuals becoming one. No one is bigger or greater than the other.

This makes it uncomfortable for us to accept to become the second citizen in the home, when there is just one citizen. So try to make your voice heard and opinions worthwhile. Never be stripped of your privileges.

2. Been held back
As a result of several families trying to fulfill their dreams and have the family sustained well with the kids, then the woman is told to sacrifice her job to make the kids comfortable.

You have your dreams and make sure that your dreams are not washed down with kids rearing. You have these dreams for a reason, and if your partner cannot recognize, support and respect that, then maybe they aren’t the one for you. You deserve someone who wants to see you succeed no matter what.

3. Away from friends

Marriage is not a bondage but a contract that should serve the benefit of both families. When this is done, then you will realize that your friends should not be left out. Imagine that all your friends are sent off during your union and you have something to rejoice over, who would attend? Enemies?

If you are being kept away and your marriage starts to feel like a secret or like you are living two separate lives, it’s time to re-evaluate how healthy your marriage is.

4. Emotional abuse

The worst type of abuse in the marriage is the emotional type. Your partner feels that you just cannot communicate well, or your communication indeed has a great deal of so many unwanted unended discussions, then you are going through an emotional abuse.

5. Physical abuse

Unlike the emotional abuse, you may seem to identify it yourself. But the physical abuse can be seen by others. When this happens, then you are expected to seek urgent help by calling the police or visiting your relatives to make them understand what you are going through.

Protect your life and those of your kids.

6. Feeling like property
You are a person and have a mind of your own. If your partner doesn’t respect your innate rights as a person, discuss about it, and when they still don’t, lose them. You are a slave to no one.

You should enjoy your life and your opinions, should be heard and followed through.

7. Never acknowledged in Public
Little affections in the public can be awesome. But when your partner sees that he should not hold your hands or showcase you to his friends, then the building blocks of friendship are lost.

Try as much as possible to make your relationship in public known. You may want to hold hands, do some little kisses which are not bad, and then make your partner recognized.

When you are treated in a manner not deserving of you, then talk to your spouse about it and determine what is best for you.

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