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7 Things You Need To Know About Your Baby

by Family Center

7 Things You Need To Know About Your Baby
After giving birth to your baby, then you must have realized that you know so much about your baby. What are some hidden truth about your baby you need to know?

1. Babies sleep with their eyes open
Many do not know, but it is common among babies to sleep with their eyes open. The pediatrician Hugo Rodrigues explains that because the part of the eyes responsible for the vision is the pupil, many people end up sleeping with their eyes half open, because the pupil is already effectively covered.

This is more common among infants who go faster into “deep sleep” and end up having greater muscle relaxation.

2. Minimenstruation
It may be very strange, but it is normal for newborn girls to have vaginal bleeding. According to Jorge Huberman , pediatrician and neonatologist, the hormonal changes that occur in newborns can generate a minimension that passes in a few days.

3. Taste buds
At birth, babies do not have taste buds only in the tongue as adults, but also on the sides and the roof of the mouth. This phenomenon disappears with time.

4. Weight

The pediatrician Fernanda Freire explains that babies usually lose up to 10% of their weight in the first days of life. This is because, at the time of the first weigh-in, there is an accumulation of fluid that is reserved for them to spend on previously unrealized activities, such as sucking, crying, and breathing.

After about two weeks, they grow to around thirty grams per day, and can have their weight doubled up to six months of age. Imagine you having your weight doubled in six months?

5. Acne
Acnes are not exclusive to teens, babies are also normal. They are exposed for so long to the mother’s hormones, which end up being affected as well. If this happens to your little boy or another baby you know, do not squeeze these acnes, they will heal naturally.7-things-you-need-to-know-about-your-baby

6. All babies have whiskers

Babies are extremely cute. But what if I asked you to imagine them with mustaches? Funny, is not it? At about four months, the fetus inside the uterus gains thin by the so-called “lanugo”, which then spread through the body. Before the birth of the baby, these hairs will fall and part of them will be ingested by the cuddly baby, being part of the meconium, the baby’s first stool.

7. Seventy more bones than adults
Yes! Babies are born with about seventy bones more than an adult. In order for the baby to pass through the vaginal canal, many bones are separated and overlapping, and after some time some of these bones merge, as in the skull.

Also, babies are not born with patella, which are those knee bones. At about two years of age, it is that the knee cartilage turns to bone.

Now, its good to know that you know a lot of thins about your baby now. Just make sure that you keep your baby safe at all times.

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