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7 Things You Need To Know About Money

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7 Things You Need To Know Money Spending And The Brain.
The brain can nail some pieces to people when it comes to shopping. Behavioral studies show that it is possible to spend more just by obeying reasoning. Educating the mind so that the economy continues to be the priority requires time and planning.

As well as difficult decisions, purchases should be on the list of priorities that require the attention of who is going to disburse the money.

The economy can be better built when the person has a broad view of spending, even those very small, after all when cents of recklessness are added up at the end of the month, the amount can be scary.

1. Teach the brain not to be lazy
Shopping after work or at the weekend is tiring, but it is the money itself that is being used. Reasoning dictates that the best products are those that are before the eyes. It is unnecessary to bend down to look at what is there.

Unfortunately, retailers know very well how the brain works and will put on the shelves at eye level exactly what they want to sell in each category. Looking down is important and will ensure the best choice, both in value and quality.

2. Avoid convenience
The brain will indicate which product is best to buy: the one that was bought last time. So there will be no doubt whether it is good or not, and even if it rises in price, it will continue to be acquired.

The problem is that manufacturers and retailers also know that the human mind will think this way and can raise the value of the commodity. Discovering new products may not be a bad experience and innovating can ensure savings for the pocket.

3. Collective choices
At the time of setting the establishment is very likely that the chosen one is the most full and queued. Being a social animal, the man prefers to follow the crowd, and because they are more crowded places, they will probably be more expensive as well.

4. Pay attention to the small print
Many signatures provide conditions that are neither required nor desired by the customer. The product is expensive with this married sale, and this practice is against consumer law. The customer can complain and the supplier must cancel the sale of the product or service that does not suit him. If the person does not even notice, he ends up spending more on something that does not bring him benefits.

5. Plastic
The cards make the false impression on the brain that money is not running out. It is very common for people to scare each credit card bill and even swear they have not spent all that and are being extorted. To avoid thinking, keeping financial control sheets or spending notices on the cell phone is the best option.

6. Small values
Looking at the small stickers when buying things may be very deceptive. The main amount of what you actually need may just be under and may not be the right amount of what you actually need. At this point, it is very important to look properly before ordering or getting anything online or in the store. If you are in doubt, then you are bound to please ask questions in order to save any penny you have.

7. Full Store
The product needs to be purchased and the store is very full. The only thing your brain thinks about is getting what you need without comparisons and get out of there. The same happens when the person does not have much time for the purchases.

Knowing how the mind works with money makes it easier to plan, control and spend less or stop buying the unnecessary. So the money begins to seem enough for the application and the ordinary expenses.

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