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7 Things You Need To Know When Your Wife Is A Mummy

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7 Things You Need To Know When Your Wife Is A Mummy
It’s a lot of new experience when you realize that you have a baby coming on the way. The man and woman gets to prepare for the upcoming baby, but the woman makes more preparations. What should you know when your wife gets pregnant and becomes a mother?

1. Body change
The woman begins to feel as if she is ugly and can never get to look beautiful any longer. No matter the extent towards which she keeps fit, the fats just keeps on coming. As a man, it is time to make her realize that she is beautiful.

She determines the raise and attention that comes with it. Remind her that she will soon return to the normal old stage.

2. She is obsessed with her baby
The attention shifts from you to her new baby and she can do anything for the baby most especially if it’s the first experience.

This obsession is part of the process of adaptation. It is also the maternal instinct she just cannot control.

3. She cannot be made at the baby
When the baby comes in, now, it is time to show your baby that you truly love her. When you correct the child, do not surprised that your wife tell you that it’s her baby and should not be corrected.

4. She complains of no cloths
Do not forget that you had just recently changed her cloths and that can really affect the way she looks. She begins a long chain of complains of not wanting to wear the maternity gowns she had before delivery her baby.

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When that happens, praise her as a mother. It might divert her attention. Encourage her to eat and drink plenty of water.

5. You become a protector
At this point women always want their men to be their protectors, but it dramatically increases when she becomes a mother. She needs you to be a barrier between her and the outside world. For example, if she doesn’t want guests to come over, you need to let them know.

6. She Needs More Rest
Most women go into motherhood really believing they can do it all. They feel the other mothers with dirty houses and cranky babies were doing something wrong. But the complex gift of motherhood burns you out quickly. The worst part is, most mothers can’t admit they reached the limit. Give your wife permission to rest. Point out that she needs to take a nap or watch a little TV to relax whenever the baby is asleep. If she tries to argue, remind her that you are simply protecting her from herself and an eventual nervous breakdown.

7. She is afraid
Its a new baby and for the first time she has to handle him till he grows up. She is scared of taking him out and seeing what will eventually happen to him. She is scared of handling him a way that will make him complain. It becomes more difficult at the stage the baby cannot talk, but just listen to you and voicing out only cries she cannot decipher where is wrong. It is now difficult for her.

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Reassure her it is fine, and will be fine for both of you, and not only her.

So, the next time she begins to behave cranky and choosy it is important to remember that she is just a mother and all you can do is just appreciate.

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