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7 Things You Should Never Say to Children

by Family Center

7 Things You Should Never Say to Children
Over the decades, people have been trying to improve every generation the way they raise their children. There is slow and often negative progress that can be observed between the decades, and it is quite controversial what each parent thinks about how to raise their own children.

Unfortunately, the view that many parents have changes after the growth of their little ones, and they themselves realize that if they had reacted differently on many occasions, their sense of accomplishment might have been a bit greater after a few years.

Here are some tips:
1. Do not tell lies
No one likes to argue with the child until he persuades her to do something unpleasant, such as taking a medicine, a vaccine, an injection, having a medical appointment, taking a test, staying away from parents, or thousands of other unpleasant things.

However, phrases such as “will not hurt” or anything that omits or is untrue, are not recommended for use with children or adolescents. Remember, parents are your role models, so they will learn to lie once in a while if you do. The same goes for the traditional “talk I’m not”.

2. Do not say yes all the time
Every responsible person wants the best for his loved ones. But love is not measured through over-concessions. Quite the opposite. The child needs limits to feel the love and attention of the parents. Also do not overdo us not to block your child’s creativity.

3. Do not label
Have you ever tried leaving a sponge in a container with liquid? In the same way children absorb everything. She will grow up believing that she is dumb, boring, fat, skinny, ugly … Every human being has some difficulty or imperfection.

It is one thing to admit and continue living, trying to overcome your own challenge, the other is to be led to believe that it is so and always will be, that there is no way to change …

4. Do not compare
Your child is already struggling to get some of their attention every day. And when there are comparisons of the type: your brother is better than you, your friend does it very well, why can not you be like So-and-so? Your ego gets badly hurt.

The result will be low self-esteem and rebelliousness. And do not think that this only happens with children, because even after adults, adolescents and even adults, comparisons will still affect you.

5. Do not criticize
No matter how bad the drawing, no matter how funny it may be with a 4 or 5 gauge ball, praise your disposition, creativity, encourage, show others with pride, comment your achievements, but avoid condemning your achievements, study, Appearance, friends and choices.

6. Do not say what you do not like to hear
Swearing, indecent jokes, swearing, talking badly about others, complaining about everything, that is, everything that is unpleasant and that you do not want to hear from others, do not say in front of your children. Have you heard that saying “What do you do speak so loudly that I can not hear what you say”?

7. Do not blame
The life of a mother or father is not perfect and we are often so stressed that we end up feeling guilty. The house is a mess, and he is probably the most responsible, but if you manage the situation without direct or indirect accusations, harmony will reign in your life and your son’s future will be much better.

There are many other things that should not be talked about, but there is much more to be said. And most importantly, love your child, so words become dispensable.

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