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7 Things You Should Never Tolerate In Your Love Relationship

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7 Things You Should Never Tolerate In Your Love Relationship
Building a life for two is far from easy. We need commitment and dedication to keep a relationship healthy and happy for both parties. It does not mean that the best thing to do is to break up with the partner, however, it is important to clarify the negatives to try as much as possible to keep the relationship standing.

Heres a list of what you should not tolerate at all.

1. Aggressiveness
Aggressiveness is one of the main things you should never tolerate in your relationship.

Regardless of whether you are male or female, aggressive behavior (whether verbal, physical or emotional) wears out and hurts any relationship.

It does not matter the circumstance. You must completely reject any aggressive attitude on the part of your partner, from offenses even to physical threats.

Aggressiveness in a relationship demonstrates manipulative or even unstable behavior on the part of the partner, who often believes that “is the only way to solve a problem.”

2. Constant Lies
It is normal to tell or lie lies in a relationship, either to omit something one of the two has done in the day or to admit that he spent the night with friends in a bar.

However, constant lies end up affecting the person’s confidence, after all, having doubts at all times is not good for anyone. There is nothing worse than doubting that your partner is really who he claims to be.

3. Control
Among the things that you should never tolerate in your relationship, fits the excessive control on the part of the partner. It is important to feel that you are an individual, but that you share a life together.

From the moment you realize that your partner will not let you leave without him, threatening to end up in case of being annoyed, take action. Do not let your partner prevent you from seeing your friends, or wearing that skirt you like, or working in a certain place.

Over time, this may destroy your self-esteem and freedom, and when you realize it, you will no longer be solely responsible for the decisions of your own life.

4. Selfishness
Relating to someone who thinks only of himself is utterly demotivating and harrowing. After all, however much you need to share your problems or afflictions with your partner, he simply does not give a damn.

Accepting to stay with someone who only cares about their own interests, wants and ambitions is one of the things you should never tolerate in your relationship.

It is horrible when the urge to leave for such an event on a Saturday night is destroyed by the other person’s desire to stay at home.

5. Pride
There is nothing worse than being with a person who does not admit his own mistakes or to blame for something that he has done to you. It is critical to take responsibility and leave pride aside in a relationship.

6. Dependency
A relationship is based on the union between you and your partner, however, you can not deny the fact that “they were not born glued together”.

A couple should complement each other but maintain their individual lives. One of the things you should never tolerate in your relationship is the partner’s dependence on you.

To say that you cannot be alone without yourself, or demand your presence at all times (even preventing you from going to work) are not good signs. Therefore, it is important to pay attention.

7. Offenses
No one is perfect, and it is not absolutely fundamental to be praised at all times. Although we know our imperfections, the last thing we need is to have our faults reinforced by the person we love.

In addition to bringing insecurity, it can still end up making you feel complex – whether with appearance, body, or personality. It is important that the partner encourages and helps you to be a happy person with what makes you insecure, not the other way around.

Do not tolerate offenses, or accept when your partner “demands” you to lose weight or anything of the sort.

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