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7 Things Your Husbands Don’t Like About You

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7 Things Your Husbands Don't Like About You

7 Things Your Husbands Don’t Like About You
Have you seen your wife looking tacky or having too many makes up’s, or not looking like expected? Then what are the things your husbands wants you to change?

1. Extreme hairstyles
When you have that lifestyle that is drawing too much attention to you, then you will realize that you will be attracting the wrong type of men to yourself.

Most men prefer long, loose, soft and silky hair, not sticky hairspray and hard gels. So, have one of this today.

2. Make Ups
There is a difference between a make up and a make over. A make up is expected to show a lot of beauty and difference in the face. But when the make over or make-up is too much, it repels men towards you.

You will begin to look like a masquerade when wrongly applied to the right places.

3. Sticky eyelashes
Do you want that eyelashes of yours to show a lot of attention to others? Then use a good quality mascara that dries off, and not smudge together. When there is an excess, make sure it is cleaned properly before leaving the home.

4. Yellow teeth and bad breath

Yellow teeth and bad breath are not attractive to anyone. If you struggle in this area, you should realize that the source of the problem is probably found in poor hygiene. Or maybe you need to cut back on the coffee, black tea or red wine, or lose the cigarettes.

Whatever it is, address the source of your problem, and try adding whitening toothpaste and dental floss to brighten your smile.

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5. Lack of body hygiene
When you stink and then you have poorly managed nails, or you have unshaven hairs on your legs and armpits, then you can be a turn-off to men.

Keep your cloths clean and dress well to look attractive.

6. Public Primp
Men are not interested in knowing your tricks to become more attractive. Put on your makeup at home and don’t fuss over it in public.

7. Too much perfumes
Excesses are always a bad idea. Remember, the more expensive the perfume, the less you should use. The cheaper the perfume, the less you should use. So try to put a drop only in certain points such as the neck, behind the ears and wrists. A little bit of a good perfume is okay.

Be careful of what you wear, or what makes yiu up. When they are to the extreme, then you will hamper the free flow of friends from the opposite sex.

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