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7 tips for parents to tell wonderful stories to their children

by Family Center
7 tips for parents to tell wonderful stories to their children

7 tips for parents to tell wonderful stories to their children
There are people who really have the gift of telling stories. They hold the attention of the little ones, carry their imaginations and make them experience the emotions of joy and sadness. Many parents imagine that because they do not have the same qualities their stories will become tiresome and the children will not want to have to listen.

Studies show that the bond between parents and children is established and fortified when parents donate their time to tell their children stories. And for the experience to be enjoyable for everyone, some tips can be followed. The child will appreciate this moment even if the parents feel insecure and will love them even more. What then can you do? Well, we have provided the following tips.

Depending on the age group, the child’s and adult’s ability to concentrate, time must be adapted. There will be children who will want more stories and also those who will look tired when hearing an endless story.

In the first few times these symptoms can be observed and altered in the next opportunities so that it is beneficial and fascinating for all.

Use resources
To sharpen the imagination nothing better than features like dolls, objects, drawing, textures, and interpretation. Why not make a theater with the child where the father is the dragon and the prince is the son?

Puppets and everyday objects that remember something (a shell can be a cloud with rain or a set of crayons can be an army, for example) will help a lot in the imagination and participation.

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Children often like a story and will ask to hear again. This is perfectly normal and recommended for its development.

History books
Undefeated helpers for parents who begin this pleasant task, they can be read before and after their story is narrated or can be used at the time of the story, looking at the figures along with the children and even showing the letters and phrases for those who are discovering the world of reading.

Many parents like to tell stories before the child sleeps. It is great because she will calm down from the rush of the day, raise her thoughts to an adventure and easily fall asleep.

However, stories can be told at any time of the day and even on the routes to school or other activities.

Change stories
Creativity and difficult situations for children may require adaptations for empowerment or simply for them to discover their own ability to invent. Modifying and adapting stories is allowed, but it is good that the child knows that the story is not the best known and is being differentiated as a joke.

Often the child himself can complete a sentence and change the course of the story and the parents can give wings to the imagination along with it.

It can be included in the story and enrich even more, as well as being better stored in the child’s memory.

Many activities relating to telling a story to a child can be used, which will further enhance the joy of the experience.

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Remembering that the imagination for a child is an important factor for their development and learning in both literacy and future challenges. She will be able to distinguish clearly what is a fantasy from what is real. The strong family bond created will be favorable even after many years.

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