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7 tips for you to create (and maintain) new habits in your life

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7 tips for you to create (and maintain) new habits in your life
Whenever a year begins, we tend to make goals and plans to change habits and leave behind everything that causes us some kind of loss, does not it?

The problem is that this excitement lasts little and, over time, our list of goals, dreams and goals is getting forgotten, dusty. Are you going to say that this has never happened to you?

The truth is that it is really hard work to think about the current habits that harm us and plan the creation of new ones. This kind of activity requires dedication and honesty, and of course emotional intelligence, so that we can recognize our mistakes, understand that it is normal not to be perfect at all, and find that it is possible to improve.

A bad habit that is difficult to abandon, for example, is smoking. In this case, we are faced with a product that affects our brains directly and, whenever abstinence happens, makes us leave aside any vestige of goodwill.

The cigarette example helps us see when a habit is bad and, by breaking it, makes us realize that it is normal to not be able to quit the habit on the first try. Let’s say the goal is to change the cigarette through the gym – let’s face it: it’s not that easy, and the important thing is you do not blame yourself for it and do not give up. Here are some valuable tips for those who want to create and maintain new habits:

1. What are your reasons?
It’s that thing: Self-assessment is an absolutely healthy exercise, but it does not come naturally. The tip for those who are not yet accustomed to look into their own desires is to look as if you were their friend and then ask questions and seek answers.

If the habit you want to create is to take daily walks through your neighborhood, for example, identify the reasons why you want it (health, breathe in the mind, improve blood circulation, sun) and start thinking In the habit of walking as something that is already part of your life.

2. Take the 21 day test
It is normal for you to take a little time to get used to something new, after all you are a human being, not a robot. Before throwing in the towel and discouraging yourself, propose to stand firm for 21 days. It is proven that this is the time your body and brain need to get accustomed to a novelty and even to give up an old habit. Faith, strength, focus on the 21 days.

3. Take Notes
One cool thing is to use notes to remember the important points of the habit you are creating. If it’s something that has the right time to do, like attending your city’s noon newspaper and learn more, note this time in your calendar, calendar, or notepad on your phone – whichever is more Easy for you.

4. Identify reinforcement habits
Our habits exist and persevere because they are usually linked to other habits, so it is nice to pursue activities that relate to each other. If the idea is to get into the gym, make it a habit to organize a playlist of songs to listen to while on the treadmill. One thing always pulls the other.

5. Seek to anticipate setbacks
Get ready for what can go wrong and always think of a B plan. What would you do if, during the building of the habit of walking through the neighborhood daily, there was a rainy season?

6. Stay in control
When you control your activities, you are actually accountable to yourself, and that is important in terms of motivation. In the case of the first 21 days, how about scoring on the calendar what days went as planned? When we turn our progress into something visual, we are willing to keep making progress.

7. Always improve
It is important to seek improvement, even when the habit is already fully implemented in your life. Give constant attention to what you do for hobby, professional improvement or for health care, for example. Do not just settle for the practice of what you wanted to do a lot, but look for incentives to innovate and improve more and more.

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