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7 Types Of Men You Should Avoid In A Relationship. See Why

by Kufre Ekpo

Every woman desires a successful relationship. More importantly, every woman needs a man who will love, cherish her and make their relationship work perfectly.

A woman wants to have a man who has all the whole qualities and attributes she desires, but it is quite unfortunate that nobody is perfect. Despite this fact, there are certain attitudes that will make a man unsuitable for a relationship. These kinds of men listed below cannot make a successful relationship.

1.    The gold diggers:

A guy that always collects from you and sucks you dry is not good for a relationship. They always have means to take from their women instead of giving to their women. They have stories to tell you so that they can afford your pity, always have big dreams to achieve so that they can gain your financial support. Most of them are very cute but jobless.

2.    The hit and run type of men:

The guy that has ulterior motive can do anything to take you to his bed, and once they have achieved their selfish desire they will dump you and go their way. They do not have a particular girlfriend, they are promiscuous and change spouses like clothes. Their interests are mostly centred on taking women to their bed. This kind of men are selfish and always discuss their sexual activities with their fellow men, they always take honour in taking women to bed and always boast of their promiscuous life.

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3.    The nonchalant/lazy men:

These kinds of men have some features in common with the gold diggers. They always want to relax and expect the women to do everything for them. If you get engaged with this type of men, be ready to take care of yourself and do everything for yourself.

4.    The cantankerous men:

A cantankerous kind of men is very annoying. They are always complaining and nagging, always looking for faults. You will hardly please this kind of men, and most times end up beating up their women. It is always irritating to date this kind of men.

5.    The Stingy men:

This kind of men would hardly spend their money on you. There are certain men who have this nonsensical mindset that they cannot spend their money on a woman. This very conception that some men capitulate to is obnoxious and cannot help to promote a successful relationship.

6.    The flirtatious type of men:

Men who are flirtatious in nature cannot make a successful relationship because one woman is just not enough for them. They can lie in order to maintain their flirtatious lifestyle and dating several women at a time. They do not make a successful relationship because they often encountered confusion of making a choice among their numerous spouses.

7.    The addiction type :

Addiction is destructive. Any man who formed a very bad habit would find it difficult to stop. This addiction could be drug, gambling, alcoholism, etc. Men who are addicted to these habits often fail to make a successful relationship.

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