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7 Ugly Things Men Do To Their wives

by Family Center

7 Ugly Things Men Do To Their wives.
Do your husband do any of the following thing? Then you may need to caution him.

1. Too Critical of You.
When he is too critical of you, then you need to know that it is not good. Don’t be in the trap of criticizing your wive over every little thing. Complements are way better than the criticism she experiences from you. Even when she does somethings that you don’t like, just make sure you complement her in a way that she will adjust.

2. Control
For crying out loud, she is not a television or a box for you to control at anytime you wish to. So stop feeling like the boss of the home and start making her feel comfortable. Let her soar and fly with you wings. Make sure she has enough freedom to make decisions for her. Don’t turn her freedom to free doom.

3. Treat her like an object
She is never created to be an object, and she never will, in no matter the situation. Always respect her and her body and work on establishing emotional connection and trust before thinking about sharing sexual intimacy with your wife.

4. Remember her all day
She is the woman of your dreams and one you will love to be with till the end of the world. So just a smile text on the social media will do no harm. A message on her phone will really be a good one for her. She will treasure such information with all she has.

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When you return seat together and talk about the days activity. Also make sure that you bring some sparks to her face.

5. Using dirty languages
In some homes offensive languages have become an order of the day. They are regarded as nothing, just a common greeting. Some have gone to the extreme of calling their spouse those wanted names.

Such vocabularies do not make the home peaceful and enjoyable. Instead, make sure that you watch your expressions to your spouse. The home a safe haven.

6. Too high expectations
You return home, and expect that the home should be sparkling and have all the work done by her already. She is expected to do a whole lot of work and then compel her a lot.

Decide to be kind, to be patient, to be forgiving and to be flexible. The more you emphasize all of her positive qualities, the more she will naturally start living up to those positive compliments and become the woman you describe, and more.

7. Help around the home
If you need a house help, then you should provide one for yourself. Don’t turn your wife to one. Join her in doing the house chores together as this will foster unity and joy in the family.

Well, some husbands do one or more of the above mentioned points. Be careful when you notice this things in your husband and make sure that you treat them quickly before they fester to something unimaginable.

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