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7 Ways to Avoid Typhoid Fever

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7 Ways to Avoid Typhoid Fever

Typhoid fever spreads through consuming contaminated food or water. More than 21.5 million people worldwide contract typhoid fever every year. Typhoid is most common in areas where sanitation is poor.

7 Ways to Avoid Typhoid Fever-dailyfamily.ng

Here are seven ways to avoid typhoid fever:


#1 If you must use local water, be sure to boil or otherwise purify it.


#2 Drink sealed, bottled water from a reputable source, and avoid brands you do not recognize.


#3 Remember to only use ice that made from bottled or boiled water. Avoid popsicles or flavoured ice.


#4 Ensure all food is cooked thoroughly and served steamingly hot.


#5 Avoid all fruits and vegetables that you have not peeled yourself.


#6 Avoid food and drinks from street vendors. Frequent hand washing is always a good strategy to prevent disease.


#7 More importantly, get vaccinated against typhoid fever either through the oral or injectable form.


Typhoid is a relatively common infection among international travellers. If you return from a trip and fall ill, visit a health care provider immediately. Be sure to supply him or her with a complete schedule of your trip.

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