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7 ways you can avoid going late to church

by Adenike Akindude

7 ways you can avoid going late to churc

Every Sunday you wake up, you try hard to meet up with time but to your surprise, you end up going late to church and you miss some important programs in the service. Are you tired of this? Here are seven ways it can be avoided

1. Iron your clothes earlier: to avoid going late to church on Sundays, one of the things you can do is to get your clothes ironed earlier at least a day before.

2. Prepare your shoes: as simple as this may look, it happens most time that you start looking for the appropriate shoe to wear when you are about leaving for church. You can prevent this by getting your shoe ready the day before.

3. Arrange for breakfast: to avoid getting late to church as a mother you should get everything you will use to prepare breakfast ready before you sleep on Saturday. This will help you to be ready in time and your children won’t go to church hungry.

4. Take care of your chores: as a woman so many things need to be taken care of before leaving home for church, these house chores can be taken care of before you go to bed. For example, you can sweep the house if necessary.

5. Avoid watching TV for long: television programs can be very interesting on weekends because we feel more relaxed but this can be sacrificed just to get to church early on Sunday.

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6. Sleep early: maximize your time well on Saturdays, so you can take care of most things and sleep so you can wake up early.

7. Get dressed: most people wake up on Sunday whiling away time because it’s weekend, try to avoid this habit because before you realize it, the time is far spent.

As a man or a woman, it is important for you to get to church early on Sunday so as not to miss the vital and important parts of your Sunday service.

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