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7 Ways to build and sustain Joy in your marriage- Pastor Bisi Adewale

by Adenike Akindude
7 Ways to build and sustain Joy in your marriage-dailyfamily.ng

Joy is much more than money and it is what everyone on earth is looking for. Love is Joy because you are happy being with that person that is why you chose to marry him or her.

You should bring joy into your marriage because marriage does not manufacture joy. Joy in your marriage must be deliberately preserved. “Without joy marriage becomes a battlefield”-Pastor Bisi Adewale.

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Before looking at ways to build and sustain joy in marriage, let’s look at things that can destroy joy in marriage:

* Infidelity

* Constant fighting

* Vengeance

* Unforgiveness

* Lack of care

* Malice

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Ways to build and sustain JOY in your marriage

Here are 7 ways you can build and sustain Joy in your marriage:

  1. You must make sure your mind to be joyful at all times. There is no balance sheet in life without asset and liability.
  2. Forgive generously
  3. Keep the communication channel open between you and your spouse in your marriage.
  4. Give unsolicited gifts to your spouse.
  5. Be content with your spouse no matter who he or she is because you chose to marry that person yourself.
  6. Learn to resolve issues amicably and let it go off your from your mind.
  7. Always remember to say “I Love You”, “I Value You”.

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You must know that Joy is a choice but it can be increased through deliberate efforts especially in marriage.


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