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7 ways to give the right support to a child who lost a parent

by Adenike Akindude
7 ways to give the right support to a child who lost a parent.dailyfamily.ng

The loss of a parent can be very devastating and the pain that one would go through in the time of grief cannot be overemphasized.

In the case of young children that lose parents at a tender age, they need the right support, especially at this time.

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A child’s age is an important factor in determining the support system to be adopted. For instance, a toddler may not be fully aware of the death of his or her parent.

However, a child who is between the age of 4 or 5 years and above is fully aware of the departure of his or her parent because of the number of years they have spent together. Supporting this child at this period may be a bit difficult but is achievable.

How can you give the right support?

  1. Allow the child to mourn

Children are bound to cry when they lose a loved one. Please allow them to go through their time of grief.

  1. Provide comfort

It is also important to be around a grieving child in order to comfort them. They must not be left alone so as to avoid them falling into severe depression.

  1. Take away the fear

Children from the age of 5 must have heard of ghosts in the past and may also feel that a dead parent may become a ghost that will taunt them. This lie if not replaced with the right information will cause great fear that can lead to trauma in the child.

  1. Pray for/with the child

In this hard time, grieving children need prayers. It is important to pray for such child and pray for them also. When praying with them, pray in simple ways with the view to making them understand how to pray to God. This will improve their prayer life and confidence in God.

  1. Create fun

You must know that if you are to give support to a child who has lost his or her parent, you must not be sorrowful or moody. You have to wear a cheerful look that will encourage the child. Also, find out what the child loves doing especially with the late parent and try to do these things like playing games, reading stories and so on.

  1. Go on outings

A change of environment can do some help to a child in this kind of state. You can change the child’s location for that period so as to take the mind of the child away from the recent bad memories.

  1. Engage friends

You as an adult may not be able to influence the child to do what you want but the friends can. Invite some friends of this child to stay with him/her for some moments.

To get the best result, give some bits of lectures to the friends informing them of your desired goal. Tell them what you want them to do like getting the child to play, eat, bath, get out and so on.

You should try not to be discouraged when you introduce these things but the child neglects you. This is because the child is still going through grief at the moment. You must continue to try harder and put in more efforts until you get your desired result.

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