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7 Ways to Live By Good Example to Your Children

by Akinola Olabode

7 Ways to Live By Good Example to Your Children

Little acts of kindness means a lot to your children especially when it is done by their parents as a sign of the true love they share. You are the number one teacher of your children and they are always looking at you as their example. Children have the habit of mimicking whatever they see. It is the same when they watch you do anything at home.

1. Help Your Wife Out In The Kitchen
This goes to the man, there is no law that says kitchen or cooking is meant for ladies. Help your wife out in the kitchen. By doing this, you are passing information to your little boy that he must do the same when he grows up and he will never forget. Even if he hears anything contrary outside, he will never change because he already has a working example Things You And Your Spouse Should Do In Front Of Your Children To Show Love

2. Kiss Each Other
Since you are married, there is nothing to be ashamed of in kissing each other. It is a language of love and it makes them know that you can do it because you are licensed; they are likely not to follow the unwholesome pattern of kissing just anybody outside

3. Use Loving Words
Never abuse your spouse in front of the children. It is better to use caring, loving and words that can build your spouse than those that destroy.

4. Use ‘I Love You,’ I’m Sorry’ & ‘Thank You’ Appropriately These three words are very important to have a wonderful relationship and they are also great if you can say them in front of your children. This will not only show them how much you love your spouse but also help them to be using it for people when needed.

5. Comfort Yourselves
We all have seasons when we are down and just need someone to lift our spirit up. You must be ready to comfort your spouse and be a shoulder he/she can lean on

6. Appreciate Your Spouse
No matter how little or inconsequential you think the thing done is, always appreciate your spouse. Your children will definitely learn to appreciate people

7. Be Fully Involved In Your Spouse’s Life
Let everything that concerns your spouse be your priority and let the children know. Be involved in their activities
Doing this will help your children to know how to love and also receive love.

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