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7 Ways To Maintain Hot Romance In Your Marriage

by Oba Samuel
23 New Ways To Keep Romance Alive In Your Marriage...no.10 is very hot!

7 Ways To Maintain Hot Romance In Your Marriage

-By Bisi Adewale

To keep romance burning in your marriage,you must learn how to keep the home in the shape you want it to be. One major problem with marriage is the problem of maintenance, it is easier to start amarriage than to maintain it, at the point of maintenance is the point where
many people fail, so you need to learn to maintain your marriage and be
intentional about it, go all out to build a great marriage by, keeping it like a
good farmer will do to his productive trees.

“Whoso keepeth the fig tree shall eat the fruit thereof: so he that
waiteth on his master shall be honoured”. (Proverbs 27:18 KJV)
To maintain your marriage there are many things to put into it.
To maintain you will need the following tools:
1. Patience. You need to be patient. If your marriage must stand tall
and solid.
2. Forgiveness. The act of forgiveness also help you to keep your
marriage, since you and your spouse will offend each other one way or the
other in your journey in life.
3. Prayer. Prayer is also needed, pray to protect, defend and rebuild
your marriage.

4. Time together. Spend time together, you can't build marriage if you
are not always together spend time together to bond and jell, it will be a
special gift to your marriage if you do that.
5. Respect. Learn to respect and honour each other, help each other
self esteem, by giving each other great regard no matter what happen.
6. Selflessness. Be self less in your thinking, attitude, habit and in
everything you do, marriage is not just about you, it is about both of you.
Marriage is not me it is we.
7. Responsibility. Be totally responsible at home do your duty as a
man or woman, be responsible, that is what it takes to maintain marriage
8. Fidelity. Be faithful to your spouse, don’t Cheat on each other,
weather in the area of money or sex, be totally open so that you can build trust


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