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7 Ways to be a Woman of Understanding

by Bisi Adewale
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7 Ways to be a Woman of Understanding

To be the wife your husband is looking for, you must be a woman of understanding. Without understanding, you cannot make your home what you want it to be.

As a woman seeking to win her husband, there are many things you must understand: They are:

1. You Must Understand Marriage.

You must understand what marriage is all about. You
must realize that marriage is not a battlefield but a
place of joy, that marriage is not 50/50 affairs but 100%
giving. You must realize that the plan of God for your
marriage is for you to be married to your husband
throughout your life. You must also understand that
God ordained women to submit to their husbands on
marriage and that he also permit sex within the four
walls of matrimony.

2. You Must Understand Men.
To live with a man successfully, you need to understand what a “man” is. You need to know what men love generally, what they hate. What makes them tick and what can make them happy or sad.

3. You Need To Understand Your Husband.
Apart from understanding men generally, you need to
understand your own husband. Because he is different
from any other man in the world. You need to study him and know what he loves or hates, what he enjoys doing, his hobby, his desire, his vision, plans, ‘turn-on’ and ‘turnoff’,

4. You Need To Understand Money In Marriage.
You need to know how to make money and spend it
wisely. You need to know that money don’t flow
naturally in marriage you need to make. You need to
understand money management at home.

5. You Need To Understand In-Laws.
You need to know that for your in-laws to love you; you must prove yourself loveable as no in-law will love you naturally or because of your beauty. They are not
thrilled because of your white teeth, you need to prove

6. You Need To Understand Conflict
You must understand that there can be a misunderstanding in marriage. There can be conflict, all you need to do is know how to handle conflict naturally and make your home what you desired it to be.

7. You need to understand parenting.
You need to understand that parenting is not a dictatorship but an opportunity to ‘shepherd’ young lambs you need to learn to be patience with your lambs (children) and cooperate with your husband to raise then up in the way of the Lord.

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