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8 cancer symptoms in children that all parents should know

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8 cancer symptoms in children that all parents should know
Often, we parents may confuse some cancer symptoms with viral diseases. Thanks to this, when taking our children to the pediatrician, any anomaly can be detected in time.

There are many types of cancer, however, the most common in children are: leukemia (attacks the blood), lymphoma (attacks the organs and tissues responsible for the defense of the body), brain (affects the brain and spinal cord, osteosarcoma the bones), neuroblastoma (affects the nervous system) and retinoblastoma (attacks the eyes).

The symptoms and treatments depend on the type of cancer, the size of the tumor and how advanced the disease is.

Who is affected?

Many children are diagnosed with cancer because of genetic (hereditary) origin, Down Syndrome or because they have been exposed to chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

What are the symptoms that all parents should know?

1. fever
Fever is the first sign that there is an infection. In some cases, it is viral, however, when the medicine has already been taken and this symptom remains present it is important to go to the pediatrician. Chills, sweating, weight loss and appetite usually occur.

2. Swollen lymph nodes
These help the body recognize and fight off microbes, infections, and other foreign substances. They usually affect the groin, armpits, neck, jaw, chin, head and behind the ears.

Lymph node-related cancers are leukemia, Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

3. Frequent infections
There are many microorganisms like viruses, bacteria or parasites to which we are all exposed. However, the infections that can cause cancer are the bacterium Helicobacter pylori “gastric cancer”, the human papillomavirus (can be for sexual abuse), hepatitis B and C.

The most common symptoms are: pain in the abdomen, bloating in the stomach, satiety of hunger, vomiting, tiredness, fevers and muscular pains.

4. Anemia
They are low levels of red blood cells. It is common in people who suffer from cancer, especially in those who receive chemotherapy. The symptoms in children are fatigue, fatigue, dizziness, fainting, headache and muscle weakness.

5. Bruising or bleeding
They occur due to damage to blood vessels, when a vein, artery is ruptured or cut, blood flows out of vessels. Having a hematoma can be a sign of leukemia.

6. Weight Loss
When weight loss is remarkable, it is a sign of cancer usually presented with symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, constipation, mouth sores, difficulty in chewing or swallowing, loss of taste.

7. Pains in the bones
This is the first symptom of bone cancer, a constant or intermittent pain occurs, and worsens at night and is relieved by movement. It is also related to cancer of the spinal cord, the symptoms are back or neck pain (numbness).

8. Headache
Migraines, headaches due to muscle contraction, pain due to head injury, an infection or medication. It can occur daily and can last for days and many hours.

You should always listen to your children, any pain or discomfort can be a symptom of cancer. Do not think that because they are small they are unable to communicate, remember that there are no excuses for not doing their daily activities. Take care of your children and save your lives in time!

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