Depression is a disease studied and feared by most people. It can undertake without more warnings and its causes can be the most diverse.

To be able to deal better and understand that you need to work to overcome the disease, knowing the possible causes can help both the professional who accompanies you and the person who has been affected by depression.

1. Food
It is scientifically proven that foods affect the body. Studies report that people who consume processed foods constantly, with a high sugar and fat content, are more likely to suffer from depression.

In contrast, those who suffer from depression may not feel hungry and end up from eating, further increasing the symptoms. Finding healthier, natural foods will help in preventing and fighting the disease.

2. Brain inflammation
Science proves what people suffering from depression already felt on their skin. Depression is something chemical and not just a set of negative feelings that can be overcome with good will. Considered a silent killer, neurocerebral inflammation should be treated as well as any other inflammation exposed in the body.

A positive response to treatment will prevent other disorders such as allergies, autoimmune diseases, chronic infections, inflammation in other organs (such as dermatitis), and other diseases.

3. Loneliness
Tackled in movies and feared by most people in adulthood, loneliness can also be a trigger for depression, causing intense emotional discomfort that can progress to disease. Social contact, especially with relatives, is important to avoid depression in its various stages.

4. Stress
Infinite collections, tight deadlines, endless to-do lists, and the intense doubt whether it will be possible to accomplish everything. Stress can be a potentially dangerous trigger for depression, as the person stops caring for himself and prioritizes others.

Your body is in conflict because your basic and basic needs are left out and when the person realizes that he does not find the motivation to perform his tasks it may already be too late.

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5. Work
A job that demands a lot from the employee can be the cause of the development of depression. Some professions are more likely to increase depression statistics in individuals than others. Spending a lot of time sitting at work and avoiding physical activity can also collaborate broadly and negatively.

6. Unemployment
Easy to be perceived in people who are looking for a job opportunity and often cannot get it because they are sick, treatment for them can be difficult and time-consuming.

7. Relationships
Family problems with friends or co-workers can also trigger depression. The person begins to feel unable to solve and the best way out is to seek professional help and treatment so that the situation is not even more complicated and the relationship can be saved.

8. Family History
People carry through the generations the possibility of developing depression at some point in their lives. For those who already know that there are cases among their ancestors the best is to seek alternatives to prevent it from developing in their lives. A specialist will guide you in the best way.

Depression hampers decision making and the simpler tasks of life, often accompanied by physical symptoms such as gastrointestinal changes and headaches. When treated, even if it takes time, the individual will be able to resume his life and feel satisfaction again in his acts and achievements.

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