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8 cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out

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8 cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out

8 cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out

Asking a girl out can be a pretty intimidating experience, especially if you are planning to approach someone you have had a crush on for a long time. Most of the time, it seems like the longer you wait to ask a girl out, the more nerve-wracking it ends up being. Most of us fear being rejected – in some cases nearly as much as we fear death! There are ways to significantly boost your chances of hearing that coveted “yes,” when you do finally work up the nerve to approach her to ask for that first date. There are probably at least a million creative ways to ask a girl out, and hopefully, these few suggestions will be a good starting point.

  1. Get introduced first

The first step in asking a girl out is to get to know her. She will certainly not go out with you if she does not know you. So, ask a common friend or neighbor to introduce you. Be spontaneous when you do so- you do not want her to run away by appearing too pushy. Take your time- it is important you get to know her nature. If she is too shy, chances are she will say no to going out. If possible, you can go out in a group first before asking her out on a date. Do make sure you wait a bit before asking her out after being introduced. This is necessary to give you some time to assess her feelings about you. You can always call her and talk on the phone, but do not ask her out immediately in the first conversation itself.

  1. Show her your fun-yet-caring side

One of the cool ways to ask a girl out is to get her interested in you. Show her that you have a fun side and also caring. Talk about subjects or hobbies she may be interested in. Take the time to find out what she dislikes.

  1. The first date need not be chatty

One of the best ways to ask a girl out when you are just getting to know her is to take her out for a movie. It helps you avoid talking too much, especially if you are nervous. You certainly do not want to end up saying something you would regret later. A movie is a perfect way to break the tension and make both of your feel comfortable.

  1. Always make her feel safe

Choose a safe place to meet up so she will be more likely to say yes. For example, a public park is a good place to set up the first date. If you have her phone number you could send her a text to ask her to meet you in the park. Since there are likely to be people and children playing around, you two can walk around and chat a bit.

  1. Wait for the correct moment

Be patient. Sometimes, she could be having some personal situation that might require her to say no to going out. In any case, be patient and choose the right moment. Be natural and use your gut feeling to help you out.

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  1. The Birthday Method

Also, Birthday is also another avenue to get to the correct moment to ask a girl out. In this case, it gives you an edge and is a great opportunity to include a little gift with your offer. Lots of people tend to be in a good mood on their special day, and if you make hers even more special by bringing her a little something along with your proposition, you will probably increase your chances of getting that date.

  1. Be confident

Girls like confident men. So look her in the eyes when you ask her out. This is the reason why asking a girl out should be done in person rather than doing it online on Facebook, or through a text message. Portray confidence without being cocky.

  1. Remain calm and happy

Even if she refuses, smile. Ask her the reason why she is saying no. Chances are she could be having a genuine reason. So make sure you use the correct body language. You will certainly not win pivotal points if you lose your temper. Avoid showing her your fears, insecurity, anger, or feelings of jealousy. This is essential as these qualities can be a big turn-off for women.

Finally-be courageous. Even in this era of equal rights, it is still usually the guy who must do the asking out. If you are waiting for her to make the first move-forget it! There is a very small percentage of girls who would do the asking out. So be courageous and ask. You will be glad you did, later!


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