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8 Foods That Can Kill You

by Okechukwu Liberty
8 Foods That Can Kill You

There are many delicious foods that can be deadly, from the items in your kitchen cabinets to well-known international dishes.

This may be an extreme example, but you should be aware that eating natural foods, as opposed to foods laced with chemicals, can also be fatal.

Not to stop you from eating some healthy fruits and vegetables, but you should be aware of the risks. Take note of where the poisons and chemicals that are present in these foods naturally appear in everything.

Some foods should be avoided at all costs, while others can simply be learned in terms of serving size and preparation. Has your curiosity yet won over you?

Let’s look at 8 Foods That Can Kill You.

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1. Potatoes:

Avoid consuming green potatoes. If consumed in high quantities, the solanine toxin found in the green sections might result in significant disease.

The nightshade family’s glycoalkaloids are present in the leaves, stems, and sprouts of the potato plant (a flowering plant category). So please use caution when cutting wedges, people.

2. Groudnute or Peanuts:

8 Foods That Can Kill You

Groundnuts are one of the most typical allergies. The most serious reaction is anaphylaxis, which can cause shock, severe airway constriction, and even unconsciousness.

Know your sensitivities before going anywhere near these infants or their addicting companion, peanut butter. It is harmful enough to be fatal if left unchecked.

3. Cashew Nuts:

First of all, you have been misled the entire time because these are seeds and not nuts. Their shells are poisonous and coated in anacardic acid, which, if handled improperly, can burn your skin and give you a nasty stomach ache.

Additionally, cashews must be cooked or steamed before eating since they contain urushiol in their raw form, a substance that is also present in poison ivy and that, if taken in sufficient quantities, can be lethal.

Therefore, if you come across cashews growing wild while travelling, avoid picking or eating them.

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4. Mushrooms:

Some mushrooms are not at all enjoyable. These mushrooms have names like “death cap” and “destroying angel,” so they aren’t playing around.

In general, if you aren’t certain about what you’re eating, even if you choose it yourself, don’t take a chance.

Even experts sometimes struggle to distinguish between deadly and edible mushrooms because they frequently resemble each other in an uncanny way.

8 Foods That Can Kill You

Following the catastrophic mushroom consumption, a man and his family were on the verge of dying from liver failure. Some people who eat dealy mushrooms might require a liver transplant.

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5. Raw or Uncooked eggs:

Salmonella bacteria, which can cause human gastroenteritis, can be found in raw eggs.

Bacteria poisoning can also result in severe side effects such as bacteremia, which is life-threatening for those with weakened immune systems and happens when salmonella enters the circulation.

So to avoid any hazards, set heat to those eggs before you eat them.

6. Hotdogs:

8 Foods That Can Kill You

Despite concerns about the questionable meat quality of discount hot dogs, choking is a very real risk when consuming this American staple.

According to research from Johns Hopkins University, hot dogs are the leading cause of choking-related injuries in children under the age of three.

Before serving, take your time chewing and cut them into bite-sized pieces.

7. Cherries:

8 Foods That Can Kill You

Cherries may appear to be completely safe, but these tiny creatures—their pits, in actuality—can cause a lot of harm.

The stones of fruits like cherries, apricots, plums, and peaches contain cyanogenic compounds that transform into cyanide when crushed.

Don’t worry if you mistakenly swallow a cherry pit; when consumed whole, they rarely contain toxicity.

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8. Tomatoes:

The leaves of the delicious, crimson fruit contain the poison glycoalkaloid, which is known to upset the stomach, cause excruciating cramps, and cause anxiety.

So stay away from the stems and leaves.

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