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8 Habits That Cause Hemorrhoids

by Family Center

8 Habits That Cause Hemorrhoids
The vast majority of people who suffer from hemorrhoids feel shame and suffers quiet about it. In fact, hemorrhoids have treatment and need medical follow-up, because although in most cases it does not develop for anything more serious, people who suffer from it tend to distance themselves from others and lose their social life out of sheer shame.

The hemorrhoids happen when the veins are around the anus swell and become inflamed, causing discomfort, pain and bleeding.

Some people have a genetic tendency to suffer from this evil, but some habits contribute a lot to the problem.

1. Difficulty evacuating
For a series of questions some people simply can not evacuate unless it is in the bathroom of their own homes and restrain their going to the bathroom even when they are very willing. This difficulty, over time, may contribute to the onset of hemorrhoids.

2. Rough paper
The medical recommendation is that, when evacuating, the correct and ideal is to wash and not use toilet paper, because the strong friction in the place can collaborate to develop the problem.

3. Long time sitting in the pot
Some people make the toilet a place of meditation or reading, it happens that this position may, over time, force the local veins and develop hemorrhoids.

4. Low fiber diet
The fibers help in the formation of the faecal cake and make the faeces moister, which facilitates evacuation. A diet low in fiber makes evacuation a more difficult and painful process, prone to the development of hemorrhoids.

An internal and external hemorrhoids

5. High sugar diet
High sugar intake contributes to constipation and a difficulty in bowel movements, one of the main factors in the development of hemorrhoids.

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6. Alcoholic beverages
Consumption of alcohol causes the body to become dehydrated. Dehydration, by the way, contributes to poor digestion and the final consequences are in the fecal movements that become more tense facilitating the onset of the disease.

7. Low water consumption
Always being hydrated is essential for the proper functioning of the entire organism, including the intestine. Low hydration makes the evacuation process slower and therefore contributes to the undesirable appearance of hemorrhoids.

8. Excess salt
Sodium helps to raise blood pressure which in turn alters the caliber of the veins. This change can also have the consequence of hemorrhoids.

If you suffer from this evil, do not be ashamed. Seek medical help to correct the problem and lead your life normally.

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