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8 perfect ways to arm yourself against toxic people around you

by Family Center

8 perfect ways to arm yourself against toxic people around you
Below are 8 important tips for anyone who is tired of being the victim of malicious people.

1. Make landscape face when you hear a gossip
Never agree or support when something bad is said about a good person (even if the person is not so good). Everyone has flaws, but that does not give us the right to compromise with slander. If someone has made a serious mistake, it is the people who are directly related to the problem that have to know, not third parties.

2. Make the decision – right now – to never give up your standards to please your friends
On second thought, a real friend would never persuade him to go against his standards for anything. But if someone you considered a good friend to ask you to do anything that is against their beliefs or values, turn your back and walk away.

But the decision to do this must be taken NOW, because when something like this happens, you will know what to do, and you will not be in doubt or tempted to give in.

3. Avoid the company of people who have a lifestyle opposed to yours.
This applies especially to those who have high beliefs and values, such as honesty, sobriety, chastity. You do not have to ignore them or treat them badly. Just avoid going with them to risky environments.

4. Do not expose your problems to strangers or people who have a big “disloyalty” printed on the “resume”
It is not for anyone that you can report the difficulties you are experiencing in marriage, with your children or at work. Some people are just curious to know what is happening without the slightest intention of helping.

Others are lurking waiting for the chance to hit the jackpot: give up on your spouse, steal your job, or use that information against you. Select very well the friends you can open with.

5. Be discreet about your possessions
Unfortunately, there are survivors and opportunists out there. Let only the most intimate people know what you have, how much you earn, where you travel on vacation, etc.

6. Do not give leash to liars
There are people who are already famous for telling lies, increasing things, making themselves victims. Others, however, continue to deceive us because we still do not know they wear masks.

So select very well what to believe. Not that you have to doubt everyone, do it only when some of them speak absurd things, especially against people you know. Also worthy of the advice given in point 1.

7. Avoid the company of people who put you down
There are people who take pleasure in diminishing others. If a “friend” is doing this to you, be it criticizing or mocking your clothes, your appearance, your behavior, your home, your parents, your spouse, your children … it’s time to give a enough!

Even if you have some things to improve, it is not with criticism and mockery that any change will occur. You need someone who respects your choices and offers help with love. Criticism does not help at all.

8. Trust your intuition
This is the most important advice of all: if you feel that something is wrong, feel bad in the presence of someone or when talking to someone (whether by WhatsApp, Messenger or phone), if you feel anguish or a continuous headache always Who is close to a certain person, something may be very wrong in her intentions and actions. Take cover!

9. Be careful not to misjudge
It is necessary to take into account that people who do something that has ended up causing damages to them have not always acted in bad faith.

While there are self-interested and malicious people around you, there are also wonderful people everywhere, you just need to find out who you are (you surely already know many of them) and surround yourself with them. Do not forget, however, to be the kind of person you wish to have close to you.

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