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8 qualities you must have,to be the best wife ever

by Family Center

8 qualities to be the best wife
Every woman wants to the best for her husband, children, and others. This requires a whole lot of sacrifice from us. So, as a woman let us consider what we can do to be the best for yosur husband.

Her husband must have a pure, moral and intellectual woman at his side, pure in his way of acting and thinking, wise in judging and discerning, consistent in his way of being and a reflection of himself and his family.

Believe me, you are perfect! She does not need any surgery, her physical and emotional beauty is suitable for her husband. You are already beautiful and delicate, brighten yourself daily with a smile and patience, dress yourself with kindness and good advice, comb yourself in moderation and honor.

Satisfy your husband with this and you will see that there will be no more perfect woman than you for him.

Feel worthy and worthy of all that you are, have and have conquered. There is no better magnet to keep the love of your husband than to know that he has a woman who loves, appreciates and respects him, that makes him admire and respect her.

Physical and moral force
We give birth! Do you want more than that? We are resistant to adversity, there is nothing or anyone that can destroy us, we are strong physically and emotionally. There is no one like you, woman, standing up to all kinds of battle, and if you believe, you will win.

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You have special gifts: intuition and a high level of perception. We are generous and compassionate. You realize things and you always make a thousand attempts to do your best and to find solutions. Make your husband proud because you are the warm and loving part of the wedding.

Always ready
You feel the smell of battle at a distance, and you are always willing to act, do not spare or fear if it is for your family, it is always there, risking but with strategy, you accompany and cheer, and he loves all this in you.

It is not for you to let him step on you, but it is knowing how to obey. And, because you are smart, you know when you have to give in. Women act with intelligence and instead of wars we have pacts. The husband must be the head of the household and you, his faithful squire.

You should do more
Do not conform, keep going, excited and strengthened. We were created to get to wherever we want. You are the engine of the home, you decide when to brake.

Just to remember today I share with you and wholeheartedly that you also feel powerful because you are a woman, because without doubt you will become the wife that your husband deserves to your Side and will love it for a lifetime.

Together they accomplish the best task in the world: to form a home full of love.

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