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8 Signs That You Suffer From Bipolar Disorder

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8 Signs That You Suffer From Bipolar Disorder
According to reports, it has been gathered that a person suffering from bipolar disorder hardly realizes that he has the disease, since it is characterized by the alternation of mood between euphoria (mania) and irritability ( Depression) that are interspersed with moments of normality. Over time these alternations are diminishing and the person can follow with more tranquility with life.

However, the patient needs to seek professional help and carefully follow the treatment. Situations like these require the support of the family to identify if the member of the family suffers from this disease and it is also essential to accompany him in the treatment.
There are many symptoms that can help in identifying the problem. If you want to know if you are suffering from bipolar disorder, watch the 8 signs, 4 of type I (manic) and 4 of type II (depressive):

1. Exuberant euphoria (Type I)
This is the time when you laugh, even at the bad things that come to you. You believe in being on top of the world, nothing affects you, your exaggerated joy remains even in the face of tragedies.

2. Do you find yourself the maximum (Type I)
If you are imagining yourself grandiose and believe you have magical powers or special abilities because you think you are God, it is a sign that you are very sick and need the help of a professional.

3. Do you believe you are invincible (Type I)
You are feeling invincible and you no longer care about danger, you risk doing things that jeopardize your safety or that of others, and you still believe that nothing and no one can stop you. Before you get hurt or end up endangering others, seek medical advice.

4. Rabies (Type I)
You are happy, but suddenly you burst out of anger over things that are unnecessary and, no matter what the reason, the strange thing is that this fury disappears in a matter of minutes.

It’s complicated to understand and the people around you do not understand either, but the expression of each one of them is frightened. The best thing to do is to seek professional guidance before everyone moves away from you.

5. Deep Sadness (Type II)
Everyone, at some time or another goes through a sadness or feels sadness before life, but if you feel deep sadness many times, even when all is well and there is no reason for such an attitude, it may be that you suffer from bipolar disorder.

6. Feelings of worthlessness (Type II)
No matter how hard you try and do many positive things, you still feel useless daily in the face of everything and everyone, this is another sign that you may be sick.

7. Difficulty concentrating (Type II)
You strive to keep your focus on important things or even the simplest, but feel that nothing is working and that has become routine. Seek help as soon as possible.

8. Suicidal Ideas (Type II)
Watch out! Feelings like these can not and should never be fed. If you have been a slave to suicidal thoughts and ideas, talk to someone you trust and together seek a professional. Your life is valuable, so do not give up on it.

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