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8 Signs That Your Partner Is Narcissistic

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8 Signs That Your Partner Is Narcissistic
The Greek myth says that Narcissus was such a beautiful child that his worried mother took him to a wise man to know his fate. He told her that the boy would have a long and happy life as long as he never saw the reflection itself. Narcissus became a handsome, arrogant young man who despised everyone.

One day he bent down to drink water on the banks of the Echo River, and upon seeing his own reflection in the waters, Narcissus fell in love with his own image and remained by the lake, worshiping himself until he plunged into the waters from where he never again Returned.

Due to myth, Freud created the psychoanalytic concept of Narcissism – a personality disorder in which some people set themselves in a childish phase where the baby believes to be the center of everything.

The result is an adult who, in addition to worshiping himself, is selfish and can not stand being countered or losing. The results of such a personality appear in their relationships, as one would expect.

Living with a narcissist is not easy and the worst thing is that it makes it seem like you have a problem and not it.

These are some signs that you are in a relationship with a narcissist:

Complain and create a case when you do not feel “treated to the right” it deserves, whether in the restaurant, at the movies or anywhere else.

You have difficulty or even inability to put yourself in another’s place, or to perceive the feelings or difficulties of other people.

He is envious and resents the success of others, and in the same way, he thinks that others are envious of him.

He is extremely concerned about himself and is often the center of conversation, likes to talk about his success, his achievements, and is concerned with appearances and how he is seen by others.

If you think special, beautiful, unique and that you should only associate with people of “high level” like himself.

Usually takes advantage of others to achieve their own goals, regardless of exploring the goodwill of others or demanding sacrifices and automatic obedience from employees or even partners.

It demands excessive admiration and the search at any cost, be it through plastic surgeries, gym hours sculpting the body itself or being extremely competitive. It is not a healthy self-esteem, it is the desire to be worshiped.

Sit above others and even the rules of coexistence. For the narcissist, it is easy to circumvent social rules, stick queue, take office supplies home, not return the wrong money, fail to keep promises or commitments, etc.

How to deal with a narcissistic partner
It is easy to fall in love with a narcissist, they are usually charming, full of self-confidence and know how to praise someone and pay attention, however, it is extremely difficult to get along with one of them.

They are self-centered, selfish, and as soon as they get what they want, be it admiration, advantages, sex, or something else, they tend to change or simply rule the partner out.

Another trait of narcissism that makes a relationship practically impossible is the narcissist’s inability to admit that he was wrong while blaming his partner for everything wrong. They are manipulators and controllers.

So, if possible do not even start a relationship with one of them. But, if you are already on one, try the following:

Say not whenever possible – including to start a relationship.

Do not even think that you can change a narcissist, if you think that, you’re being narcissistic.

Preserve your self-esteem and take care of yourself. The narcissist will respect you for that.
Show narcissists that they can achieve admiration by acting as good, caring people and encouraging them to serve others.

Be yourself the opposite of the narcissist, be empathetic, benevolent. The tendency is that in associating with others we become more like them and they with us. It is very possible that through your good deeds you can influence a narcissist to be better.

If all your efforts are in vain, get out of the relationship before your sanity is at stake.

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