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8 signs that your wife is annoyed with you but does not want to talk

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8 signs that your wife is annoyed with you but does not want to talk
Many women expect their husbands to realize, without their having to tell them, that they are annoyed or irritated by them for something they have done or said.

To find out if your woman is upset with you, make sure she is showing the following behaviors:

1. It avoids eye contact

2. When you are around, she closes her face and gets a “nervous tic” (she swings her foot non-stop or hits her fingertips on the table)

3. Give “short and thick” answer (“Yes!”, “No!” Without further explanation) or evasive (“You know!”, “Whatever!”)

4. Use of sarcasm

5. Do not return your calls nor respond to your messages with the usual speed

6. At night, in bed, she turns to the side and sleeps without too much approach

7. She barely (or not) says goodbye before leaving for work (or before you leave for work)

8. In extreme cases, it cuts off any communication

How to solve the problem

We know that these attitudes are far from mature or healthy ways of dealing with problems in the relationship. To resolve any deadlock, it is critical to use a basic and old tool called DIALOGUE.

Below are some of them:
Set up a quiet environment to talk, away from children, with TV, PC and cell phone off.

Eliminate any means of distraction so they can focus on the conversation.

Speak one at a time, in a normal voice, without shouting. Avoid cursing, accusing, offending, belittling.

Start the conversation with the purpose of solving the problem, otherwise you will spend the whole night arguing without leaving the place.

Put “the cards on the table”, that is, expose not only the problems but also your weaknesses and tell what you can do individually to improve as a husband or wife. Make a commitment, take on the responsibility to change or improve.

Create a safe environment to express your feelings openly and honestly. And not one in which they have to “step on eggs” fearing to offend each other.

Accept each other’s point of view. Respect your freedom to think differently, without getting defensive or arguing unnecessarily.

Do not devalue each other’s opinions by criticizing “What a stupid thing you are saying!” Or “What idiocy is this?” This causes heartache and blocks communication.

Look into each other’s eyes as they talk. Hold hands of each other. And, especially, really listen to each other, without getting your attention away, and without mentally elaborating an answer. Listen to understand, not to retaliate.

You could understand your wive so much after you had come over this little disagreement. A progress in a relationhsip is there when you never make the same old mistakes.
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