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8 Things Every Husband should do when his wife is emotionally destroyed

by Family Center

8 Things Every Husband should do when his wife is emotionally destroyed
Emotional illnesses have become more common in our time than in all previous ones. We have to be prepared to deal with emotional problems that can arise in our families by affecting those we love.

Women are twice as likely to develop emotional problems as depression, dysthymia, burnout syndrome, among others. According to a psychiatrist, he said that hormonal changes, among other factors, make the woman more predisposed to depression and depressive disorders: for each man with the problem, there are two women in the same situation.

If your wife is going through this, here are things that will really help.

1. Show unconditional love and acceptance
It may be difficult to do this when your wife seems to respond to no show of affection, but it is precisely at that moment that she most needs your unconditional love. Both spoken and demonstrated.

2. Support
Emotional illness can be devastating. It is as if no one could understand, it is as if the person tried to leave a metal ball using only the nails. That’s why she needs your support, without criticism and without advice like: React, you are capable! It’s like saying to a blind man: read, you are capable! No, she is not.

Just hold her and show that you are always with her even if she pushes you away, which is common in depression.

3. Create a mental list of what makes you happy

Offer her something that makes her happy when she is especially affected. Maybe it’s a marathon from your favorite series, a treat she adores, or a massage session to help her relax. Understand what she wants in those moments and give it to her. You can just pop in the door with her favorite ice cream without having to ask.

4. Give It Space
Sometimes all that an emotionally devastated woman needs is a time alone, away from children, housework, work, study, or whatever. Give her some free time to devote herself to what she likes or simply to sleep. Depressed people feel very sleepy.

5. Talk to her

Between realizing that your wife is emotionally destroyed and stabilizing, you need to be aware of it and treat yourself. Often the emotionally sick person thinks they just need to rest. In fact, if she has symptoms such as anxiety, apathy, dissatisfaction with what she once enjoyed, irritation, crying, social withdrawal, excessive sleep or hunger, there are enough reasons to seek help. However, the patient himself does not always notice. A conversation outside the crisis, when she is calm, can help.

6. Patience
Often the husband does not know what to do or how to act. You feel incapable or that it is not necessary since the wife says things that hurt him. Remember that she does not do it because she wants to overflow the tumult that is within her. Let it out and when it calms down, ask, “What can I do to help?”

7. Decrease your load

It may be that you come home and she is asleep while the children are in need of care or hungry, the house is messy and chaos seems to have settled. As difficult and tiring as it may be for you right now, do not criticize it. Make sure she is doing well and then do what she can to help with the housework. This is a clear sign that she is emotionally altered.

Well, it is normal for such events to occur, but when it does, then it is time to show you are man and do the needful.

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