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8 Things To Consider When Planning An OutDoor Wedding

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8 Things To Consider When Planning An OutDoor Wedding
Outdoor weddings are becoming more common these days. Whether to escape the obvious or to have a ceremony and party even more beautiful, many couples decide for this option.

But do you know what care you should take when planning an outdoor wedding? Here we will talk about 8 things you should pay close attention to if you are planning a wedding of this type.

1 – Be careful of the date
Every marriage should begin its planning by setting the date.

For an outdoor wedding, prefer times of the year when the weather is more pleasant, ie no rain and no cold or excess heat.

Find out how to plan an outdoor wedding. September, October and November are usually the months with these characteristics most of the time.

2 – Budget
Everyone wants a perfect and unforgettable wedding, so it is very important to plan your budget very well. Do research and check the cost and benefit of each place or service you want to hire and make a price comparison between them.

This step takes time, so take it easy and pay attention to every detail.

Think of it from the amount of money that you can spend that you will develop and plan your wedding outdoors.

3 – The structure
Research the place where you plan to do your ceremony very well. Keep in mind that in addition to the beautiful decor and landscape that complements the moment, space needs to be functional and practical for everyone present.

A spacious altar is important for a better quality of the work of photographers, for example.

If the chosen location does not have a covered space, you can choose to put a tent, knowing how to do it, the result is very beautiful and elegant. Covering the guest chairs is also an important part to avoid inconveniences.

4 – The decoration
Decorating the place of an outdoor ceremony can be trickier than it sounds, however, by taking some care you can leave it the way you always dreamed.

Think of the best ways to take advantage of the landscape of the place to “set the tone” of your decor, making everything in harmony.

You can use in the decoration the flowers of the season or the field, the trees can gain a subtle special touch and lights and candles give a mysterious and inviting air especially in the ceremonies that happen at night.

5 – Have a “B plan” when planning an outdoor wedding
Unforeseen happen in any situation, does not it? In outdoor weddings then, something unplanned happens. That is why it is very important to be prepared.

If you can choose a place that also has a covered area where the ceremony can be held, great!

It is important to leave the “Plan B” location ready for a possible change so that everything can be ready as quickly as possible and your ceremony can continue without any complications.

6 – The time and weather
Stay tuned for the weather weather of your wedding day. In outdoor weddings, this is a care in which you should pay special attention as it involves a lot.

Starting with the weather, where at certain times of the year it can be very hot or very cold.

Try to hold the ceremony in the morning (before 11:00), in the late afternoon (after 4:00) or at night.

When planning an outdoor wedding, remember that guests will be especially affected as they are exposed to the weather for a long time.

Clothing should also suit the weather. Sometimes the dream dress is not ideal for the season, so choose wisely so you do not have problems on the day of the party.

Also, think about the best time to shoot, if you want natural light, remember not to choose a time when the sun is too strong. Another thing that is related to the weather and schedule, is the food.

Both the food that will be offered, and the cake, must “marry” the climate in order not to spoil.

7 – Caring for guests
Pleasing the guests is essential. It’s the loved ones who are celebrating one of the most important moments of your life!

You should take extra care in outdoor weddings, such as reserving umbrellas (or umbrellas) for those who need them, offering repellents for weddings on sites or beaches, sunscreen and drinks according to The weather are the main ones.

8 – Help of professionals
For a marriage of this kind, it is important to have the help of competent professionals who convey your confidence.

Ask for directions to family and friends who have hired the services of ceremonialists to find someone who meets their expectations.

With these 8 care you should take when planning an outdoor wedding, your day has everything to be the best of your life!

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