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8 things to learn in single years

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8 things to learn in single years
The single phase can be scary to some and liberating to others. Although many see the single years as a solitary time, without commitment and without evolution, the truth is that the single phase must be one of growth and discovery. These well-spent years bring us immeasurable benefits in the future.

When I was single I traveled, I started college, I left my parents’ house, I lived abroad and mostly I discovered, and I evolved. So I’ll pass on some things that I learned and applied in my single life.

1. Appreciate yourself
If you do not value yourself, nobody will. If you value yourself, take care of yourself, respect yourself, do not be vulgar, barraqueira, ill-mannered, these behaviors will attract people who will not do you good. The secret here is that the more you try to get to know yourself, the more you start to appreciate yourself.

2. Make friends
Meeting new people is a part of life. But what I realized is that no friendship we make when married becomes as strong as the friendships we do when we are single.

3. Be responsible
Many find that single life is a life without responsibility and commitment. I see no problem in venturing out and having fun. The problem is when a wrong decision, which may have lasted for seconds, affects your entire life. So be careful, think twice before venturing into dangerous things, it’s not worth it.

4. Do not spend money on things
Why spend all your money on shoes, clothes, accessories? Spend with new experiences, travel, get out of your comfort zone. You will gain much more by having new experiences than by stuffing the wardrobe of things.

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5. Try to be independent
Look for your independence. Start working early, save money and plan your future.

6. Do not wait for marriage
Many people think that life begins only after marriage, but it’s not like that. You can and should have marriage as a goal, but start your plans for the future already. A study, work and strive to get where you want.

7. Do not wait for love to arrive like magic
Many think that the right person appears like a fairy tale. This will not happen. It’s really you who makes it happen. Find someone who does you good and work together to make the relationship work.

8. Discover yourself
The advantage of being single is being able to think 100% about yourself. Since there is no person to worry about pleasing and conquering you can dedicate your time to get to know yourself better.
If you find out, discover your hobbies, your likes, your interests, discover what you want to do in your life. Anyway, find out who you are.

To love and want to be loved is in our human instincts, but before we love someone we need to spend time with ourselves to learn to love ourselves. And the more we know each other, the less likely we are to settle in mediocre relationships.

Article by Akinbode Toluleke check up Twitter on taakinbode

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