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8 Tips For You To Wake Up Early Without Suffering

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8 Tips For You To Wake Up Early Without Suffering
For some people, early waking is part of the routine and is not always a personal choice. There are people who can handle this well and without suffering, but for others this habit can be a real martyrdom, difficult to fulfill and to get used to.

Workers, students, mothers, fathers and even for medical appointments: there is no way to get away, everyone has to wake up early one day or another (or every day, like most).

But besides a simple daily activity, “sleep is one of life’s main activities:It prevents diseases, helps in weight loss, and makes one feel better physically and emotionally. That is why it is essential that sleep is always a priority.

The expert points out that most people today sleep between 4-5 hours, when the normal time for an adult should be at least 8 hours. Another important point is that with the arrival of technology, people spend many hours on the computer or on the cell phone and end up putting aside their sleep, which creates an even greater difficulty to wake up early.

1. Create a routine
Try to sleep at the same time: The body has an internal clock, so it’s important to keep a routine at bedtime and wake-up times. Obviously, to wake up early, you will need to try to sleep earlier as well.

2. Do not be snooze dependent
The “snooze” function of the cell phone, rather than being your friend, actually makes the dawn physically stressful to the body, as well as turning those extra minutes into a slumber.

3. Let the light enter
Use light as a facilitator:Our sleep depends on light. Then, when you wake up, open the window and the sunlight will help the body and the mind to wake up gradually and positively, “says a professional. It’s also worth keeping the curtains open before bedtime.

4. Exercise in the morning
Physical activity before bedtime agitates the body because of adrenaline production, so for people who have trouble waking up early, we always suggest doing activities in the morning, as it helps the body to wake up and have more disposition along the way.

5. Disconnected
Invest in relaxing activities before bedtime: read a book, magazine, listen to cool music and stay away from tech gadgets! Cellphones and computers emit a light that deprives the person of a good night’s sleep.

6. Plan the day
Leave everything ready before bed the night before: Clothes, breakfast, etc. So the morning period becomes less stressful. The more you plan, the more you will feel good about sleeping and waking up quietly.

7. And plan the night
A good night’s sleep will make waking up not so difficult. To do this, prepare the details of your evening: well-lit bed, comfortable clothes, a warm bath before bed, avoid eating heavy meals. It is worth everything so that your sleep is uninterrupted and pleasant.

8. Wake up to good
Since you can not escape, make your morning pleasant moments. Attitudes like the repetition of “I hate waking up early” or “the music on the alarm clock do not usually help”. If you have to wake up early, try to maintain a good mood and, sure enough, the day will get more enjoyable.

Getting up early usually makes your days better and better! Do not forget to list everything you have accomplished by getting up early so you have gained more time for your activities.

Now enjoy these tips and make your mornings more productive and enjoyable. Good rest!

Article by Akinbode Toluleke check up Twitter on taakinbode

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