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8 Types Of Friends Every Mother Needs To Have

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8 Types Of Friends Every Mother Needs To Have
There are those who say that being a mother is like joining an exclusive but universal club. Suddenly, strangers smile at you and women pull conversation in the supermarket queue. Children inevitably make you know your building neighbors hitherto virtually anonymous.

Yes, having a baby is a new opportunity to make friends – instead of thinking that motherhood has excluded you from the world (at least, the one you knew before).

At this moment of life so full of change, every mother needs some good friends as well as a safe and sturdy breastfeeding chair or stroller. There is usually a departure from the new mother to understand how to deal with all the new things she is learning and this separation often distances some friendships.

It is impossible to say that nothing will change in the way a woman who has become a mother faces the world around her, and this includes relationships.

But it is very important to have support from some friends with whom to share concerns and small achievements in the day to day with your baby, he adds.

So here is the ideal cast that every new mother should have at her side. Make sure you already have friends like that and keep your numbers on the speed dial on your phone.

1. Friend that already has children
No doubt this is the first friendship that absolutely every mother needs – and also the one that will be more frequent after motherhood. After all, your new favorite pastime is to exchange information (or cards) about life with children.

They help with advice for the couple, how to take care of the baby and even with clothes to complete the trousseau. They also know the best stores to buy things for the baby and where to find diapers on sale, for example.

And no matter how old her son is. She may have accumulated “maternal miles” ahead of her or be discovering the charms of motherhood with you. Having a friend who has children is certainly indispensable in this new phase of life.

2. Single girlfriend
They admire your baby without giving advice. They are able to give you all the attention and authentically enjoy your company. Single friends (and no children) end up “adopting” their baby, fill it with pampering and always ask about how the child is. I have friends who even offer to stay with her when I have an appointment.

Friends without children are also a link with your previous life, making you look at yourself not only as a mother, but also as a professional, athlete, artist. They recall their interests and passions that may have fallen asleep due to motherhood.

3. Childhood friend
After the baby’s arrival, turning away from friends who do not have children is inevitable, but it may catch you by surprise. Your priorities and conversation matters change, after all, your universe now revolves around the baby.

While some friends do not resist change, others gain a new dimension. True friendships survive after the initial withdrawal, but you have a role to play. Try to separate at least ten minutes of the day to call a friend, or write an email. The meetings will be more scarce, but at least make it clear that you have not forgotten people so dear.

4. Generous Amiga
This friend is especially important for very busy women, but who feel uncomfortable in asking for help. The truth is that there are times in life when there is no alternative but to trust other people and a generous friend does not need to be called to be available.

This generosity can even be applied to changes in the new mother’s social life. When you start refusing invitations to leave, some people do not understand and move away.

That’s why I think every mother needs friends willing to do a home-based program every once in a while, including her son or daughter.

Generous friendships not only understand this new phase in their life as they want to participate in it.

5. Rational Friend
If you are the type of person who lives with the emotions in the flower of the skin, after the maternity one will need a friend able to see the things as they really are, without exaggerations. They also help filter out the thousands of advice that should come to you about baby care and parenting.

6. Friend of good with life
It’s a fact that some people view life more lightly and with more enthusiasm than others. Therefore, being close to a friend of good with life makes you feel encouraged and encouraged to the small daily difficulties.

7. Virtual friends
The Internet is today one of the main tools for creating relationships, sharing experiences and exchanging information. When it comes to caring for children, it could not be different, and the result is that there are dozens of blogs and social networking groups discussing exclusively issues related to the maternal universe.

In these spaces, between tips on how to get a diaper or pacifier or how to make the child eat or sleep, friendships come easily. Unite, consoles and embrace even virtually.

Finally, being a mother does not have to be a hindrance for you to have a busy social life and full of friends, as long as there is flexibility. You can invite your friends to a meeting at home or rely on Grandma (or a nanny) to get out without the child. Creating friendships with other mothers also allows scheduling activities that allow the interaction of children as well.

Follow these tips to continue enjoying the company of friends, without leaving the maternal responsibilities aside.

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