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8 Undeniable Qualities Of a Winner!

by O. S David

8 Undeniable Qualities Of a Winner! 

  1. WINNERS CREATE BOLD VISIONS – Dare to dream big dreams.
  2.  WINNERS RUN THEIR OWN RACE – Don’t compare yourself with someone else. Focus on your unique course and goals.
  3. WINNERS THINK POSITIVELY – Control your thoughts and attitudes.
  4. WINNERS EXPECT GOOD THINGS TO HAPPEN -Anticipate great opportunities.
  5. WINNERS ARE PASSIONATE PEOPLE- Light the fire within and approach life with enthusiasm.
  6. WINNERS COMMIT TO EXCELLENCE – Do your best and maintain high standards.
  7. WINNERS KEEP GROWING – Deal with your weaknesses and continually improve.
  8. WINNERS SERVE OTHERS – Invest yourself in others.

    [Adapted From Joel Osteen’s book — YOU CAN, YOU WILL]


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