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8 Ways to Convince Your Husband To Do What You Want

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8 Ways to Convince Your Husband To Do What You Want
Do you think it is impossible for you to get whatever you want from your husband? Then you should know that anything is possible in the marriage setting. However, sometimes convincing husbands becomes much more difficult and complicated, perhaps because their request is something rather difficult or even because it demands of him more than he can offer.

1. Show that your request is important to you
When you talk about it, show by using good words that what you are asking is very important to you and list your reasons. Think about the motives well in advance before speaking.

2. Ask him to put himself in his place.
Empathy usually works very well. Ask him to put himself in his place to understand why you think that way and make that proposal for him.

3. Listen to his arguments
Showing that you also give importance to his arguments is crucial so that he can hear you in the same way. Listen to all he has to say, even if it is against what you are proposing, and only then argue using his motives.

4. Show solutions
Depending on your proposal there may be a few steps until you reach it, show him that you have thought through all the solutions to these mishaps and that you have reason to believe that everything will work out.

5. Appeal to feelings
Show that what you are proposing will be incredible for you, appeal to his feelings so that he feels the same joy and desire as you.8-ways-to-convince-your-husband-to-do-what-you-want

6. Accept his ideas
If he suggests ideas to “improve” your proposal, accept! This will seem like he is also helping the project work.

7. Look for a good time
No need to talk about it when he’s tense or wanting to pay attention to anything else. The ideal time is key for you to achieve his partnership in your project.

They key to archiving all this is to know what to say, how to say it, and to say it. This way, you will be able to reach the heart.

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