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6 Ways Husbands Are Destroying Their Wives Without Knowing

by Oba Samuel

6 Ways Husbands Are Destroying Their Wives Without Knowing

-By Oba Samuel

Destructive attitudes are like pests that destroy the stem of marriage silently. If these pests are not quickly dealt with, it can usher a marriage to early grave. Likewise, there are lots of negative attitudes in some husbands which is destroying their wives silently  without the knowledge of the husbands.6 Ways Husbands Are Destroying Their Wives Without Knowing

To be candid, many wives are hurting secretly, they are frustrated, depressed and they wish their husband can understand and have a change of attitude. 6 Ways Husbands Are Destroying Their Wives Without Knowing

  1. Forgetting Special Dates: Date to a man means nothing but to women, it’s very significant especially for special dates like the birthday, wedding anniversary and Children’s birth dates. Most men does not remember their own birthday ,in the same vein; they forget their wives’ birthday and wedding anniversary. When a man forget his wife’s birthday ,she will feel hurts ,rejected ,valueless and depressed.

Most times, when wives raise this issue, most husbands treat it with disdain not knowing that this mean a lot  to their wives. As a matter of fact, women feel loved and valued when their husbands remember to celebrate their special days differently by buying gifts or taking her out. 6 Ways Husbands Are Destroying Their Wives Without Knowing

2.Lack of attention: When men are looking for wives, they give it all it takes with total attention but once they are married, most men often shift their attention to their job,career,ministry or other pursuits leaving the woman lonely in matrimony.Attention is one thing every woman crave for from their lover.To a wife,receiving attention from a husband means that she is loved and cherished.Money and gifts can not take the place of attention in a woman.Your wife is not a piece of furniture,make her feel loved and happy by creating quality time for her .If you have no time for her ,you are killing her emotionally. 6 Ways Husbands Are Destroying Their Wives Without Knowing

3.Lack of Appreciation: Majority of husbands don’t see reasons to appreciate their wives for all her efforts towards keeping the home front .To most men, they are just performing their duties. This is far from the truth. Your wife is not a slave. Appreciate her cooking,beauty,kind words and total support for the upbringing of the Children. Don’t belittle any kind gesture from your wife. Think deeply ,look around you and you will have reasons to appreciate your wife daily.


4.Comparison:Comparison is an invader of love in marriage .It’s quite unfortunate that many husbands tends to compare their wives with other ladies in the neighbourhood ,office ,church or social gathering. This is demeaning and painful to women generally regardless of the qualities you noticed in other women out there. Stop comparing your wife with anybody, there is no woman without flaws, even the one you are comparing your wife with ,it takes the men in their lives to reveal their true nature to you. Concentrate on the positive side of your spouse; this will multiply her worth before you. 6 Ways Husbands Are Destroying Their Wives Without Knowing

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5.Constant criticism:No wife is truly happy in the face of constant criticism from the man she loved. If you are Mr. Perfectionist who is fond of criticizing everything done by your wife,you are destroying her self- esteem and making her feel less than a normal human being. Criticism will bring the worst out of your wife,learn to ignore her shortcomings and focus her strengths.

  1. Closeness to your Parents And Siblings than Your Wife:In-laws are important set of people in marriage,they may work in support or against a marriage;it all depends on system use in handling them. In a marriage where the husband is too close to his parents and siblings than his wife; such a  wife will always feel insecure and threatened. Some husbands are so close to their siblings to the extent that the wife will have to contact them before she can get her needs met by the husband.Likewise the plans,goals,dreams and investments of her husband can only be reveal to her through the in-laws.The Bible commanded every husband to leave  and cleave to his wife.Until you do this,your wife cannot be happy.Love your parents and siblings but don’t let them be closer to you than your wife.

-Oba Samuel is a family counselor.Connect me on twitter@PastorOba



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