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9 Benefits of Sex (Strictly For The Married)

by Abbey Lily
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9 Benefits of Sex (Strictly For The Married)

9 Benefits of Sex (Strictly For The Married)

9 Benefits of Sex (Strictly For The Married)

One of the benefits of marriage is the license you are given to have sex at any time you and your spouse feel like enjoying it. It must be noted that beyond the feeling or the urge to have sex, there are many reasons you should engage in this activity as it is a way of prolonging your life.

Here are 9 benefits of sex (Strictly for the married)

  1. It makes you look younger

According to Dr David Weeks, a clinical neuropsychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, in a research showed that sex has anti-ageing properties that make couples look younger than their real age.

  1. It helps fight cold and flu

Having sex regularly has been shown to help the body fight against cold and flu as an antibody called immunoglobulin A is released.

  1. It eases menstrual cramp

Engaging in sexual intercourse with your spouse has been shown to help relief women of the pains they have during their menstrual period.

  1. It smoothens wrinkles

The hormone oestrogen that is released during sexual activity helps remove wrinkles that could have built up over the years

  1. Lowers Depression

Sex just like any other exercise that raises the heart rate helps the brain to release feel-good chemicals that boost your levels of serotonin – the happy hormone – to lift your mood.

  1. It lowers blood pressure

Sexual intercourse is linked to better stress response and so helps lower blood pressure

  1. It is a good form of exercise

Sex helps to boost the heart rate, burn calories and strengthen muscles, just like exercise. Research even showed that sex burns about 4 calories a minute for men and 3 for women, making it (at times) a ‘significant’ form of exercise. It can even help you to maintain your flexibility and balance.

  1. Sex helps for better sleep

After sexual intercourse, the relaxation-inducing hormone prolactin is released, which may help you to sleep off more quickly. Also, the “love hormone” oxytocin, which is released during orgasm promotes sleep.

  1. Sex helps you feel bonded to your spouse

Sex results in increased levels of the hormone oxytocin which is the love hormone and so helps increase intimacy and improves your relationship with your spouse. So, if you want to always be in the memory of your spouse, enjoy sex together.

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