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9 Challenges Men Face in Nigeria

by Abbey Lily

9 Challenges Men Face in Nigeria

9 Challenges Men Face in Nigeria

-Adenike Akindude

9 Challenges Men Face in Nigeria

9 Challenges Men Face in Nigeria

There are many challenges men face In Nigeria as they live in a very demanding society. The challenges of most men vary from the stress of being a breadwinner, an employee, an employer, a husband and a father. All these aspects of life demand different levels of commitment. Some of the challenges Nigerian men face includes;



As the rate of unemployment rises in the country, so many men are affected as some who are breadwinners cannot meet the needs of their families anymore.


Low income

Most men in Nigeria are underemployed which makes their income inadequate not to cater for their needs. In a bid not to be idle, they take up these jobs that are below the proper standard.


Time management

Some men are sometimes lost among choices to make daily. Busy schedules at work and from other areas make it hard for most men to manage their time well.


Focus on Job

Most men pay too much attention to their jobs and while doing this, they neglect every other aspect of their lives that need their attention like marriage, parenting and so on.



Shaving the beard regularly for some men can be very stressful. This is why some men leave their beard unkempt and untidy. Some can’t deal with the after-effect of shaving.


Pressure from the society

Most men try all their efforts to meet up with the standard the society has set. They want to get the latest cars, phones and live according to the dictates of the society so they can be acceptable.


Lack of rest

The Nigerian society especially urban areas don’t allow time for adequate rest that the body needs. Most men don’t have leisure time to relax and this affects their health greatly.


Indecent female dressing

The way ladies dress nowadays contributes to the high rate of sexual immorality that is rampant in our society today. Men are attracted to what they see and if not well checked seeing ladies dressed immorally often can lead any man into promiscuity.


Marriage challenges

One of the areas men face challenges in Nigeria is marriage; most men have to deal with so many issues in marriage as the head of the family. They are responsible for the upkeep of their wives, children and the extended.


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