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9 Characteristics Of Men Who Betray Women

by Family Center

9 Characteristics Of Men Who Betray Women
When a man begins to betray his wife or family, then he is beginning to say that he is loosing interest in them all. What can be done about it? What do men who betray have in common?

1. He does not respect his own mother

According to Carole Lieberman , author of Bad Boys, because we love him, how to live with them and when to leave them , a woman should watch how her husband or future husband treats his mother. If he is rude to her and disrespects her, chances are she will do the same to you. Be aware that he may come to lie to you, too.

2. He sees a woman as an object

It’s the last piece of cake in the pack, narcissistic, self-centered and empathic. This type of man usually sees women as objects and of course, are more likely to betray. Get away from this type of man and do not try to change him, first he does not think he needs to, second, he DOES NOT WANT to change.

3. He feels powerful

Studies conducted at the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands show that men who perceive themselves as powerful are more likely to be unfaithful. The feeling of power can be an aphrodisiac that moves them to seek more and more admiration. A survey by Dr. Joris Lammers’ team on the relationship between power and infidelity concluded that the relationship between power and trust is as great as between power and infidelity. The best way to keep this faithful man is to feed his ego daily. If he still does it, confront him with whatever evidence he has. He can not deny and will not feel so powerful anymore.

4. Bottom is insecure

If he feels powerful but is also feeling threatened – whether through the advancing years, hair loss or being fired – his self-esteem may fall and he will try to re-raise it by having an affair. That will make you feel “man” again. Avoid comparing it to others more successfully and encourage it in your goals.

5. He usually has addictions

Men who drink heavily or use drugs often have no limits and believe they can do whatever they want – even betray. The solution for women is to take care of themselves and be self-sufficient both emotionally and financially in this type of relationship.

6. Become suddenly critical

He never cared about his weight, his domestic habits, or his job, and suddenly it all seems to irritate him and he starts to criticize her and make her doubt her beliefs and question her rights. It is usually a way for a traitor to manipulate and divert attention from his own behavior. Seek to see if he is stressed or depressed before concluding that it is treason.

7. He pours charm
If he is too charming with you, your mother, your sisters, your friends, to the point that you would think that anyone would melt for him, chances are this is happening.

Make it clear that you will leave the relationship if he does not fulfill his part in it. Be positive if it despite the excess of charm is still faithful. Do not try to change it.

8. Become more arrogant
Get on the phone, hide your cell phone or do not answer when you’re around. Spends a lot of time with him and changes his password frequently. In addition, you start to “forget” your cell phone in the car or at work. Most betrayed women report that they saw these signs, but ignored it or sought explanations for them. Do not neglect your instinct.

9. Change in behavior
They become less affectionate and although they still want to have sex, intimacy does not seem the same anymore. No longer is you hugged on the couch, the kiss is on the face and mechanical. If he has always been unemotional, but worse, it can be stress. But if the change is great, then there is some problem there.

Other habits change as well as suddenly they take care of themselves more, they leave more tidy and perfumed of house.

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