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9 Compliments that will make your husband love you forever

by Abbey Lily

Men are the simplest of all the creatures of God to handle. They are not as complicated as women think they are. What makes a difference is the little things you do for your man.

Complimenting your husband only when he pays the children school fees or provides money for housekeeping will not make you different from other ladies outside whom will do the same for him.

Try the following compliments and have him to yourself for life.

1. “You’re My World.”
This is one great password to your husband’s heart. If you compliment your husband with these words, you will remain in his memory for life. It is different from the normal “I LOVE YOU,” oops, that is beautiful too but don’t get it twisted. One hits it more than the other. Saying he is your world makes him feel he is your everything.

2. “You’re One Of Your Kind.”
Ohhhh mine! This is another compliment that will keep him running to your arms and trust me, no secretary can use anything to get him. By this, you are saying to him, there is no man in the whole world like him. ‘Dem never born that kind person’

3. “You’re Always In My Heart.”
As simple as you think this is, it melts your husband’s heart too. You are saying to him “Honey’ I think about you 24/7,” trust me, he won’t wanna break your heart.

4. “You Make Me Happy.”
No man will hear this and will not want to make you happy forever. This is an affirmative word to show that you regard him as your confidante. It also assures that you look up to him when you are down.

5. “You’re A Great Father.”
Even if he cannot pay the children school fees at the moment, let him know he is a great father. Also, make sure you mandate the children to praise and honour him

6. “You’re My Hero.”
I believe you know what the word ‘HERO’ means? Oh yeah, you are saying to him that, he is the person you look up to. You are also saying to him that, he is your reference point. In short, you are saying he is your role model. This affirms to him that you admire his intellect.

7. “You’re My Number One Fan.”
By this, you are telling him you notice and appreciate his support for you as your great cheerleader.

8. “You are the best.”
Let him know he is the best not because he is paying the bills but because it is the truth. Let him know he is a pro at what he does and no one can beat him

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9. “I Cherish your headship.”
Just try this and see your husband go Wawu! Do you think it is only women that are excited about good compliments? Then, you are wrong. If he knows you respect his headship and not just the way he leads, he will love you more

10. “I’m Proud Of You.”
Please say this to him often. Trust me he wants to hear it, even after he has been battered by the unpleasant situations of life. All he’s looking forward to is a woman that will make him feel great and accept him as the King that he truly is.

11. “I Always Look Forward To Having Sex With You.”
You think this looks or sounds awkward I guess? Try it first and you are sure to share your testimony with your friends thereafter. There is no man you will tell he’s good in bed and will not want to keep satisfying you.

These are better compliments than always saying “I LOVE YOU.”



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