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9 Easy Ways To Lose Weight As Mother

by Family Center

9 Easy Ways To Lose Weight As Mother
It can be a very difficult task for a mother to have sufficient rest and also cater for the family as expected. In the process she begins to add weight unlike her previous lifestyle. But what are some few ways you can lose weight as a mother?

1. Be realistic
It is not overnight that you will return to your body before pregnancy. In nine months you’ve carried 10 or more pounds, now it’s time to eliminate them with patience. Some doctors recommend that it is best to lose 1.5 kg per month.

2. Sleep
It seems like an impossible request after the baby’s arrival, but sleep is very important to keep the stress level lower and the body with the energies charged. Enjoy sleeping together with your baby’s nap, your body will work better.

3. Hiking
This is a great exercise to start putting your body into activity. Go to a park or square and go hiking for a maximum of 30 minutes. It is difficult to stay away from the baby in the first few months, so take it in a stroller, your arms will also be exercising, and you taking the time to walk around!

4. Do stretching
Stretch your arms, legs, shoulders and neck. Spending a lot of time breastfeeding or with the baby in the lap is common to experience pain or cramp. Stretching will make you relax and feel better. Leave the abdominal stretches for when your doctor releases.

5. Do not diet
It may seem contradictory not to dieting because what you want is to lose weight! However, you need to feed yourself well to have stamina and attention to baby care and very restrictive diets can detract. This tip is even more important for breastfeeding because you will be passing nutrients to the child.

6. Eat well
Eat every three hours and eat a variety of foods. Avoid foods with too much sugar and fat, as they can give colic to the baby. Eat vegetables, fruits, cereals and meat at will.

7. Abdominal Exercises
The most uncomfortable part of the body in the postpartum is the protruding belly that insists on staying! It is possible to use a modeling band in the first few months, and after your doctor releases regular exercises, seek a physical education professional to tell you the best abdominal exercises.

8. Group Activities
There are initiatives that bring together mothers with infants to exercise together. In addition to losing weight, you can become distracted, gain new friends, talk about common issues.

9. Drink water
This is advice we need to follow throughout life, but especially at this stage because we lose a lot of liquid with milk production, and it is necessary to re-hydrate. Water also carries our nutrients throughout the body, helps in weight loss and also works well for the skin.

Try this few tips as a mother and then let us know how you have benefited from it as well.

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