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9 foods that are slowly letting your metabolism

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9 foods that are slowly letting your metabolism
The metabolism, responsible for the calories in the body that allows its functioning, is individual. Some people have a slow metabolism; in others it is fast. Usually this is reflected in the body structure, allowing the person to become obese or not.

Much of the speed of metabolism is genetic, but what a person eats or stops eating influences in this process. Some foods are exactly what the metabolism needs to get extremely sluggish, allowing for weight gain and fat accumulation in the body. Here are 9 of them:

Refined wheat flour

It is that common flour, the white flour used in the preparation of most breads, cakes, pizza pastas, cakes, pies and any other. In the process of refining, the grain of wheat undergoes many changes, and the flour is free of antioxidants and fibers, which causes the metabolism to be very slow.

Non-organic apples

Apples are fruits rich in natural sugars and fiber, which contribute to the proper functioning of the body in general. However, apples prepared to be marketed also contribute to the slow metabolism due to the high levels of pesticide contained in them. Taking off the bark does not solve the situation.

The amount of fat contained in this food will cause the metabolism to slow down.

It does not matter which animal, when they are bred in captivity in order to be slaughtered and marketed they receive intense hormonal loads, interfering greatly in the human metabolism that ingests the food of this origin.

Processed meats
Hamburgers, steaks , nuggets and other meat-based foods that have been processed contain lots of fats, salt, and other products used to conserve, color, alter the taste and odor of food. Metabolism falls a lot.

Whether they are lean ham or turkey breast, they are filled with fats, salt and other harmful preservatives to the body, entering the list of harmful foods.

Biscuits or biscuits

Even those that are not stuffed, the amount of refined sugar is immense in each serving, making the metabolism much slower.

Soft drinks
Excess sugars added to preservatives and dyes also cause the body to slow down.

Industrial juices
You fool yourself who thinks you are making an excellent trade by leaving the soda to consume these juices. In its composition the amount of sugar can be the same, besides using more dyes and thickeners than the refrigerant.

The list could continue with most industrialized and commercially produced foods, after which most of the substances used in its preparation have attracted the attention of scientists and health professionals. It is possible to think that it is not worth worrying about, because there is nothing to do. No one will start raising animals and planting orchards in your apartment. The good news is that there are good choices between the offers of purchase and consumption.

There are many natural products for sale in large and small supermarkets, with whole grain breads, 100% natural juices, meats and organic fruits. Knowing how to balance food, including a greater load of vegetables, vegetables and fruits, using thermogenic spices in foods, metabolism accelerates and health gets much better.

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