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9 Homemade Beauty Tips

by Family Center

9 Homemade Beauty Tips
Grandparents live by giving advice, and most of them work! Some things seem to be outdated, but if you are a good grandson you will enjoy the best of that wisdom! What are some of the homemade tips on beauty by our grandparents?

1. Vegetables
You should already know the benefits of putting cucumber slices on the face, it helps to lighten the under eye circles. In addition, you can use the cooking water of cabbage or spinach as a toner for the skin. Just store this water in the refrigerator and then use it to clean the skin.

2. Do not knead your face while sleeping
Have you noticed that grandmothers prefer silk or satin pillowcase than cotton pillow? It is to prevent your face from getting crushed at bedtime!

And they are right! When sleeping with the face glued to the pillow and waking up all wrinkled, it helps in the appearance of expression lines. If that’s already worrying you, do as Grandma does, buy silk or satin sheets!

3. Rice water to fight pimples
If you are suffering from pimples on your face, take advantage of this valuable tip!

When washing raw rice, keep a glass of water from that first wash. Let this water rest for 8 hours. In the background, it will form a white paste, discard the water and pass on the face of the pastry and let it dry. Then wash your face with cold water. Repeat this process until you notice the improvement of the skin.

4. Avocado Mask
You do not need to spend with fashionable creams to moisturize the face, just knead an avocado and leave it for a few minutes. Grandma’s secret is that avocado stimulates the production of collagen in the face, fighting aging.

5. Spoon to align lashes
By Grandma’s time she had no eyelashes, but they made her eyelashes straight with a spoon! To do this, place the spoon with the sling outside and hold the eyelashes with your finger. Press and hold for a few seconds. Repeat the process a few times to get a better result: you will be amazed at what you see!

6. The good old Vaseline
If you have very dry feet or hands, bet on Vaseline, a powerful moisturizer from our grandparents’ time! You can sleep with the product, but beware that it can stain the sheet, so bet on a protection like gloves!

7. Tea bags
To lighten the dark circles of a bad night, it was common to use tea bags in the eye region. And that works! Make the normal infusion of tea, it may be from chamomile which has a calming effect. Then put the sachets in the refrigerator and use them in the eyes. After 10 minutes you will realize that you will look better!

8. Coconut oil and almonds
Coconut oil has been rediscovered and is easily found for beauty treatments such as moisturizing for hair, skin and even for cooking. Almond oil is also easily found in pharmacies, and helps in the hydration and elasticity of the skin.

9. Clumps of paper
If you are without babyliss or bobs, but want to make curls, you can model your hair with paper! Take moistened hair strands and wrap it in strips of sulfite paper or paperboard. Pass the mousse or spray of your choice and sleep with the papers in your hair. The next day, just drop the papers and enjoy the curls!

Try this tips out and lets see how they have worked out for you.

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