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9 Common lies guys tell ladies just to have sex with them

by O. S David

 9 Common lies guys tell ladies just to have sex with them


-Bisi Adewale
Not that all guys tell lies, but a whole lot of them lies to get a lady’s attention in order to take her to bed. You ladies should note the following lies and becareful;I mean double check. Sorry guys for revealing your secrets. 9 LIES GUYS TELL GIRLS TO TAKE THEM TO BED

1) I love you
Most guys will say this,but the truth his, he only love to take you to bed; he may not really love you. Don’t jump on this wait to see the truth and make the right decision.9 LIES GUYS TELL GIRLS TO TAKE THEM TO BED

2) My father is very rich
Check his wretched shoe, his rugged second hand phone, you will know that if his father is truly rich; he is only a village millionaire.9 L

3) I work in so and so place
No guy teach in Nursery and primary School. They all work in oil or Telecom industries.

4) You have a beautiful name
Thank you,you need not tell me. But wait ask him what your name is,he may not even remember, he has not register the name before saying it is beautiful, it is one of the lies of guys to say names is beautiful.

5) You look beautiful
Every girl will fall for this as every girl want to hear it. Accept this but don’t allow it to move you because he has been saying it to every girl in around.

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6) I want to marry you
How many girls will he marry? He has been saying this to all the girls on Campus. Guys knows that girls are more interested about guys talking about marriage.

7) You look like my mother
He just wants you to feel good, you are not like his mother, it’s just an arrow to disarm your resistance.

8) I can die for you
Tell him to die first if he meant it and lets see. He is telling lies or just exaggerating.

9) You will be the first girl in my life
For once; he is telling the truth, you are the first girl in his life today, he has not spoken to others.
But, ask him who is Amina, Abike, Seye,  Chineye, and I mean………. you will be surprised that he is a polygamous guy.

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Aduke April 19, 2017 - 1:59 pm

The truth is we can’t judge them all just that is pretty difficulty to actually say who is who among guyz this days. We shld just be careful and be watchful for we ladies.


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