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9 Perfect Ways to Help Your Wife During Pregnancy

by Akinola Olabode
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For those of you who are having their first baby, this could pose a challenging time. Most dads may feel alienated and clueless about what should be expected or how they can help their wives. From the time your wife announces her pregnancy, it is crucial that you are always available and you put keen interest in her medical check-ups.

1. Accompany your wife to all medical appointments. This allows you to see how your baby is growing. It provides emotional strength to the woman as well.

2. Attend ultrasounds and others scan with your wife. This will enable you to get a first glimpse of what your baby looks like and you can even get a picture to take home.

3. Read up as much as you can on pregnancy and birth. This will help you get an idea about the basics of pregnancy and what to expect at labor and birth.

4. Go shopping for baby items. You will need tons of things after the baby is born. Best to start early.

5. Prepare a list of baby names and discuss it with your wife what names you’d both prefer, be it a girl or a boy.

6. Participate in household chores. Understand that your wife is going through a transformational process; she needs rest, support and lots of understanding.

7. Communicate with her. This is vital in identifying any anxieties that she (or you both may have). Find ways to support each other and be a source of reassurance to one another.

8. Create a birth plan with your partner outlining methods of pain relief and where you want to have the baby.

9. Book a holiday with your wife. It is best to travel in the first and second trimesters when there is less risk of premature birth. Travelling will help her de-stress and helps in bonding.
Enjoy your new role as the expectant father.

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