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9 physical symptoms of depression beyond

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9 physical symptoms of depression beyond
If you still do not know someone who has been diagnosed with depression, certainly at some point in life, you will know. This is a disease that is growing every year around the world and attacks people of all ages.

The brain of a depressed person undergoes some changes in the neurotransmitters responsible for the sense of well-being and pleasure, and thereafter the disease begins to give its first signs of existence.

Much more than just the symptoms of sadness and apathy, depression also has associated physical symptoms , which are often not related by the patient as part of the same diagnosis.

1. Digestive problems
Heartburn, heartburn, difficulty in digestion, reflux and cases of gastritis and ulcers can arise in a picture of depression. This is because our digestive system is extremely sensitive to the emotional changes we are subjected to.

2. Intestinal changes
Reactions can occur at two extremes, stuck bowel or diarrhea, or also the variation of the two. In addition, also, cases of flatulence.

3. Headaches9-physical-symptoms-depression-beyond
Very common in cases of depression, headaches may even reach the point of migraine.

4. Muscle tension
Those terrible pains at the base of the neck and neck also affect depressed people. This is because involuntarily there is the somatization of sorrows and worries and with it an excess of tension that mainly affects these parts of the body.

5. Insomnia
It is no use counting sheep, nor providing a quiet and cozy environment to try to have a few hours of quiet sleep, simply many people with depression experience several nights in clear and need medical help to be able to relax and rest.

6. Constant fatigue
The absence of the hormones responsible for the well-being and sensation of pleasure also causes apathy and frequent fatigue.

7. Changes in appetite
Here two extremes can also happen. Increased appetite and consequently increased weight (which further worsens the patient’s self-esteem) or loss of appetite and weight. Both cases can contribute to the emergence of other diseases, among them: anemia, cholesterol, diabetes, etc.

8. Generalized pain
The posture of those who are sad and listless usually is tense and curved and this ends up contributing to pain in some parts of the body, such as chest and back. There are specialists who after observing the patient for some time can affirm the depressive picture through the clinical eye in their posture and way of gesturing.

9. Low immunity
Due to the hormonal lack of control that occurs as a consequence of a depressive condition, the patient’s immunity tends to drop.

One must be aware of some symptoms that affect the individual who may be suffering from a depressive condition. Do not wait for the situation to get worse for help from an area professional. Many people who have suffered from depression today lead a normal and quiet life because they have sought appropriate help.

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