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9 proven ways to have more energy without taking caffeine

by Family Center

9 proven ways to have more energy without taking caffeine
Work, study, family, leisure, friends…. With so much to do today it is not uncommon to feel discouraged, without energy. However, this often happens because we are having the wrong attitudes towards the care we need to remain active and willing.

With simple care it is possible to have energy to reach the end of the day still happy and excited, willing to play with the children or even read a good book.

1. Sleep
Keeping the necessary hours of sleep to wake up to the next day’s provision is key. Sleeping a few hours means our body does not fully recover and is not willing to start a new day.

If you are in the habit of sleeping a few hours and waking up with the feeling that you have not rested enough, it is more than time to review your sleep time and adjust it.

2. Physical exercise
For some it may seem strange, as that physical exercise is able to provide more disposition? It is simple, when we do exercises we release hormones in our body responsible for the sensation of well being, with that, we feel more animated and ready for other tasks.

3. Listening to music
Soon after we listen to our favorite songs we feel happier. This happiness contributes to giving us disposition and energy. When you feel discouraged, listen to music!

4. Drink water
Lack of hydration causes fatigue and irritability, and along with discouragement. To reverse this picture, always have a bottle of water with you in order to stay hydrated and more willing.

5. Strolling outdoors
A simple walk on the outside of your environment already helps to give a refreshed.

6. Sweet potato
She is friends with a gym fan and really helps keep her mood up. That’s because sweet potatoes release carbohydrates quickly and they, the carbohydrates, are responsible for providing energy to our bodies.

7. Lighting
Being in a well – lit room, preferably with the light from the sun is a natural stimulant to our body.

8. Stretching
Too much time sitting in the same position working or studying causes the body to start complaining and consequently discouragement appears. To do this, just get up, stretch a few legs, arms, spine, neck and the mood is renewed.

9. Change focus
Sometimes you have to stop what you are doing and change your focus. Talking to someone you love can be a great help in rediscovering the strengths and energy that are missing in your day.

With this simple care, you can feel more excited to face the daily battles. Start right now!

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